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Monday, May 9, 2011

Quick Note

Hello, my friends ~

I apologize for being so "absent" over the past few days. I have been incredibly busy and have a lot on my mind, as well!

I hope all of you Mommies out there, had a wonderfully blessed Mother's Day! I know that I did! I hope to share my day with you, soon.

Saturday, I also had a wonderful day! I spent the day with my best friend who lives in Atlanta. We had a blast while shopping and having lunch together! She was on the hunt for a dress to wear to a wedding, and I was on the hunt for a new duvet cover for my bed. She lucked out and found a dress, but I wasn't so lucky! My hunt continues! Then, Saturday evening... David and I attended a concert at our church that I CAN'T WAIT to tell you about!!!

I made one phone call on Friday to another preschool to inquire about a teaching position. I had to leave a message, and after waiting ALL DAY for her to return my call.... I never heard from her. So, I am about to get back on the phone now and start the process again!

I hope to get back online later and write more. Hope you are having a blessed Monday!


  1. Hi Becky. Just do what you have to do at the moment. Don't go worrying about us! We'll all still be here when you post again. Take care and really wishing you good luck with the job hunting!

  2. Fun day!! There are some days I really do miss Atlanta. I have an exchange student from Slovakia who is going to school in Atlanta now. We keep thinking we will get together, but you know how that goes, especially with distance.
    Hoping you get better results with your phone calls today:)

  3. hoping all works out for you keeping you in my prayers

  4. Thanks, Ladies! I sent out my resume' to a couple of preschools today. I left several messages on answering machines, too. We'll see what happens!



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