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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ C

Today's words are (Yes! There are TWO!)
At my church, I lead the College Sunday School Class and I LOVE it!! The kids -- well.... really, they are "young adults", but I can't help but call them "kids"! -- are what make it so much fun!! Of course, having my own two girls in the class, makes it even better!

Since my girls were little, I have always served in one way or another that has something to do with the age that my girls were. I have taught Children's Sunday School. I have taught "Bible Buddies" on Wednesday nights for the kids. I have worked in all areas of Vacation Bible School, including being the director! I have led a Bible Study for Dtr. #1's age. I have helped with the Youth Group in all kinds of ways, and now that both of my girls are in college... I am leading their Sunday School class! You would think that they would be sick of me by now, but I guess they love me! **Smile**

This past Sunday, we had an event at our church called GET IN THE GAME. It involved all of the Sunday School classes and all of the small groups that are in our church. The idea was to get people "Off of the sidelines and into the game"... the "game" being ... more involved in other areas of church besides just worship.

Each Sunday School class or small group had to decorate a "booth" for the event. The "theme" of the event was FOOTBALL! So... my class went ALL OUT!! We got T-shirts made.... Hubby made a goal post for us....  and some of us got into the spirit of "the game" and painted our faces!!

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy!

Here I am with my class -- Standing, second from the left.
My helper is in the middle, kneeling, with her daughter. The rest are my "kids".
Here's some of my "kids" at our booth. The two girls in the middle really are MY KIDS!

We won the prize for the BEST TEAM SPIRIT!

It was a GREAT day!

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