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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ I

The word for today is INTERNET. This word came to me just as I was leaving to go to the beach last Thursday. I realized how much I would miss having Internet access while I would be gone.

No. I am not "up" with the current times and have Internet on my phone. Right now, my phone is just a phone. I can text. But, I don't very much. Only to my girls and Hubby.

I still can't decide if I even want to have Internet on my phone. In a lot of ways... I think it would be a TOTAL distraction! But, then... it would be nice to have it while we are camping and/or are on vacation. There have been times, while we were camping, when I REALLY wanted to know what the weather was doing. (I'm kind of a "weather bug". **Smile**) Knowing what the weather is doing is an important thing to know when camping is involved anyway.

Being able to get on the Internet while on vacation would have other advantages, as well. I could still blog, keep in touch with my Facebook "friends", read my email, and read about the news going on in the world.

But... as much as I thought I would miss having Internet on this past trip.... I really didn't miss it at all! This trip was all about RELAXING, recuperating, and enjoying time with my family.

And now that I think about it.... isn't that what every vacation should be about??

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