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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ N

Today's word is NEW ORLEANS, which is one of my very places to visit!

I used to say.... "I have no desire to go to New Orleans", until a friend invited me to go with her and 2 other friends for a "girls trip", last Spring.

I still didn't have much of a desire to see the city, but I REALLY wanted to get away for a weekend with the girls!

I came away from that trip with a LOVE for New Orleans, but also realized that I didn't want to do another "girls trip" anytime soon! --- Too much drama!! LOL! But, I did have fun, over all.

After that trip, I couldn't wait to take Hubby there!! So, last Fall.... we went and had a WONDERFUL weekend! Here are a few pics from our trip....

Cafe' Du Monde

This photo was taken right before I had my "ghost experience"!! Yes!! I am almost positive that a ghost tapped me on the shoulder!! I felt a "tap" and when I turned around.... no one was there!!! It was crazy!! New Orleans is famous for it's ghost, so.... "I'm just sayin'".

Hubby at Cafe' Du Monde

One of our favorite places!!

Photo by the "Mighty Mississippi"

Hubby :)

A famous Bourbon Street scene. I love this hotel to the right. It's so beautiful!

This is Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar. It is noted as the oldest bar in the United States. (I call it... "Old Bar") Hubby and I loved it! It was our favorite place to hang out at. We were there during football season and enjoyed watching the Saints play and being involved in the excitement of the game with the locals while we watched the game on TV. It was great fun! You can read about "Old Bar" by clicking here... OLD BAR.

I was really hoping to get back to New Orleans next month, but... sadly... it will have to wait until next year.

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