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Friday, September 24, 2010

Today's Bike Adventure

Once again... I loaded my biking gear into the truck and headed up to Callaway Gardens for what I had hoped would be another beautiful morning of quiet time, biking and photography!

I took this photo of the golf course and lake, out of my truck window.

I parked my truck where I always do... at the Discovery Center. I decided that today I would go to the Vegetable Garden to look for some possible photo opportunities. I hadn't been there since Spring.

As I was riding the 3.5 miles to get there.... I came across two twenty dollar bills laying half-way folded up on the bike path in front of me. I admit that I got excited at first. "MONEY!!", I thought. But, then my mind quickly went to... "I'll pick it up and wait for a few minutes and see if anyone comes looking for it." Then, I realized that I hadn't passed anyone on the bike path yet that could have dropped it. So.... I decided that maybe the person was going the same way that I was going and maybe I would pass them coming back to look for the lost money.

So, I got back on my bike and started riding again. As I rode, I was thinking to myself... "I may never know who dropped this money." I decided that unless I ran into someone while I was at Callaway that was looking for the lost money, I would hang onto it and take it to church with me on Sunday and donate it to the church.

I also thought about turning it in to the Discovery Center Help Desk when I returned there, but decided that whoever I gave it to, might just "pocket" the money for themselves and it still wouldn't get to the rightful owner.

As I rode the rest of the way to the vegetable garden, I continued to look for someone that might have dropped the money. No such luck. I didn't pass a single person until I nearly got to my destination, and that was nowhere near where I found the money! I feel really bad for the person that lost the money, but I will make sure that the money goes to good cause. I will put it in the collection plate at church and mark it to go to our "Pastor's Discretionary Fund" that helps people in need. That way, I KNOW that the money is going to someone who really needs it!

Here's my friend "Bike" -- Yes! I named him! Don't laugh!-- , as he rests and waits for me to return from visiting the vegetable garden.

Here are some photos that I took inside the vegetable garden ---

I guess I missed out on getting photos of the corn. Oh well!

Habanero Peppers -- One of the HOTTEST!

I enjoyed my time in the vegetable garden. I found a shady place to sit, and enjoyed a nice gentle, COOL, breeze!

On my way out of the vegetable garden.... I took this photo of Bike, waiting for me --

These next two photo's were taken back at the Discovery Center. I know it as a "Beauty Bush". But, I believe it's technical name is the... "Callicarpa Beauty Berry Shrub". I also saw that it is called an... "American Beauty Bush". Either way, the berries are such a beautiful color!! We have one that grows wild in our yard, but it is nowhere near this pretty!

Here are some bonus photo's that I turned into black & white images. Let me know what you think! I have been messing around with the photo-editing software that came with my computer.

I'm no expert, but I'm having fun!!

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