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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ P

Today's word is PENS. I was going to use the word PIZZA because I love pizza so much, but as I was writing in my journal this morning.... the word PENS came to me as one of my favorite pens ran out of ink!

I guess you could call me a "Pen Junkie". I like pens. Well.... actually... I love all "desk supplies". I always have. I think my love for them started way back when I was really young and my Daddy worked for a finance company in Atlanta.

Sometimes, he would need to go into his office on a Saturday and he would take me with him. He would work and I would play and "pretend" at all of the other desks that were in the office. --- I wonder what those poor, unsuspecting people thought when they came back to work on Monday and their desk supplies were not where they left them on Friday!

Daddy would occasionally bring home extra "office supplies" for me so that I could play "office" at home.

Yes. I was rather sad when my black pen died this morning. I know that sounds silly, but this pen was special to me. It was a pen that I got from the hotel that Hubby and I stayed at when we were in New Orleans. I really liked the way it wrote when I use it.

Practically every morning, I write in my journal. I am a little bit "OCD" and like to change colors of ink on each day that I write. This is so the days can be easily distinguished between one another. One day, I write in blue. The next day, I write in black.

This is really the only time that I use a black pen. I prefer to use blue when I am writing. But... now that I think about it.... I DO prefer black pens when I send a note card to someone. I think the black ink looks more "formal".

When I find a pen that writes really well.... I tend to hang on to it or even HIDE it so that no one else will use it or take it! This was especially true when I was working as a church secretary. I either hid my pens, or I took them home with me each day. This was due to the fact that my office was VERY "available" to the church members and my supplies would "walk away" frequently.

So... for now... I am going to be using another black pen that I have. It happens to be one that I got from the hotel that Hubby and I stayed at in Atlanta, back in February. It doesn't write as well as the other one, so I don't feel as "attached" to this one! **Smile**

Good-bye favorite black pen. I will miss you!

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