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Monday, September 6, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ F

Today's WORDS (Yes, there are two again!) are FALL and FOOTBALL because I couldn't decide between the two and.... they kind of go together anyway! **Smile**

I love both of these things! Fall is my favorite season (along with Spring) of the year and football is my favorite sport out of them all! I look foward to these two things all Summer long!

This weekend, the temps outside are beginning to FINALLY feel like Fall! I am so happy! We have had a HOT summer, here in Georgia! Feeliing these cooler temps, make me anxious to wear my Fall wardrobe of Levi jeans, henley's, hoodies and Timblerland boots. It makes me want to be outside!! I can't wait to get past this surgery and get back to riding my bike again. I miss that SO much!! I can't wait to go camping and sit by a warm campfire on a cool evening. I can't wait to go camping and leave the air off and sleep with the canvas unzipped in our pop-up camper! (The camper that we bought back on July 4th and haven't even used yet!! I can't wait!!)

Then, there's my love for Football! Since I grew up in Atanta and have lived in Georgia all of my life, my favorite college team is the Georgia Bulldogs (The "Dawgs" if you are a real fan!) and the Atlanta Falcons are my favorite professional team. My Daddy taught me all there is to know about the game of football. I really miss watching (and listening to!) the games with him.

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