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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ G

Today's word is GOOD as in GOOD FRIENDS.

I have recently learned what a "good friend" truly is.

A good friend is one that is loyal and always has your back, no matter what. They watch out for you.

Good friends are with you through good times and the bad.

A good friend is one that is there for you in times of crisis.

A good friend is always willing to just listen and not necessarily give advice. They respect your needs for confidentiality so you feel comfortable telling them anything. They are trustworthy.

A good friend will not judge or criticize you.

A good friend will forgive you if you make a mistake.

I have to give a "shout out" to a few special friends who I am honored to call my "GOOD FRIENDS".

To Valerie who was willing to go with me to meet the surgeon that was to perform my gall bladder operation, ... was one of the few people who called to check on me after my surgery,...  and was one of only 3 people who have come to visit me since my surgery. She brought me this beautiful flameless candle!

The words that are printed on the candle say.. "The road to a friends house is never long." I love it, Valerie! Thank you, again!

To Diana, my long distance best friend, who called on Friday, after my surgery to check on me, and then again, yesterday. I really appreciated your kind words and I know that if you lived closer that you would be over here every day!

To Karen, for coming to visit me in the hospital, after my surgery. What a wonderful surprise it was to see your sweet face!! Thank you so very much for coming to see me!

To Barb & Retha for the sweet cards that you sent and gave to me.

There were many other friends that have prayed for me (and still are!) over the last few weeks. Thank you so VERY much! It has been so comforting to know that you are doing that for me.

Thank you, Lord, for the good griends that you have provided for me. I pray that you watch over each one of them and that you help me to be a "good friend" to each of them, as well.

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