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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ V

Today's word is VOLUME, as in the volume of the TV.

This word came to me last night, as I was watching my favorite Wednesday night ABC shows. I would have to turn down the volume during the comercials. I don't mind the comercials, but the volume on the TV almost always seems louder when they come on! I know that they somehow do this on purpose, but I have no idea how!

So, as I watch TV, the remote is always in my lap so that I can turn down the volume when needed.

Sometimes, the reverse happens. Some shows seem to have their volume turned DOWN and I have to turn my TV's volume UP! It's crazy!!

Hubby is the same way when it comes to the TV remote. He also keeps it in his lap, but his reason is almost always to turn the volume WAY UP or to flip the channel as soon as a comercial comes on! He likes the TV LOUD and he doesn't like comercials at all!! The girls and I get frustrated with him, but it's a joke at our house now, and we just laugh about it!

The only time that I want the TV loud is for my football games and maybe for certain movies. That's about it.

When Hubby actually sits down to watch TV -- which is rare! -- we usually let him control the remote, this way he gets to be "in control" for....  just a little bit.... because we know that in about 5 mins, he will be asleep and we can get the remote back!! **Smile**

Yes, I know! If we didn't watch so much TV... we wouldn't have this problem!

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