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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ D

Today's word is D'Allen's, for D'ALLEN'S SALON and SPA. I'm not quite sure if "D'Allen's" is an actual word, but hey.... for me and my blog... it works!

This is where I go to get my hair "done", as we say here in the south.

 I go every 8 weeks to get my hair trimmed and highlighted.

I have been going to this same salon for approximately 4 years, I think. My path to find this salon and my hair dresser was quite an interesting one!

I used to go to one of the "quickie" salons, as I call them. You know.... the kind where you can walk in without an appointment, sign the "sign-in sheet", and then wait for some random girl (or woman) to call your name to "come on back". After going several times to the same place, I did find a lady that I liked and more importantly.... TRUSTED to do my hair.

Everytime I went to this "salon", I would always get just a trim, until one day, when my precious Dtr. #2 pointed out to me that she saw a few (YES. Only a FEW!) gray hairs on the top of my head!! It didn't bother me at first, but when she kept finding more and MORE... I quickly decided that I was NOT ready for this! So.... on my next visit to the "quickie salon", I decided that it was time for me to start getting "highlights" put into my hair. My natural hair color is a dark brown, so I got blonde highlights.

The first couple of times that I had this done, my hair looked great! But then....... the day came when the quickie salon lady SCREWED UP!!!! She used the wrong dye and my blonde highlights turned BURGANDY!!! Now, for some of you... this might have been a "cool" thing, but not for me! The quickie salon lady offered to "fix" my hair after apologizing..... but, I said "No, thank you!"

I went home in tears and called the best salon in town that I new of --- which was also the MOST expensive, by the way! UGH! -- and got an appointment with them for the next day. I was afraid to trust the "quickie" salons again and vowed that day to NEVER go to one again!!! I had to pay OVER $100 to get my hair "fixed"! YIKES!!

So.... now that my hair was "fixed", I now had to hunt for a new hair dresser. A REAL ONE! (No. I did not go back to the expensive salon!) I asked a few friends and that's how I ended up at D'Allen's Salon & Spa.

I now LOVE my hairdresser!! She is young and fun, but most of all..... she KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING!!! **Smile**

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