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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Tranquil Escape

Somehow, we managed to escape from our lives of work, school and other activities in order to head to the beach for a few wonderful days! If you need to recuperate from surgery, I highly recommend relaxing on the beach as a way to do it! We went camping at St. Joseph's Peninsula State Park in Florida and spent two and a half days doing NOTHING but relaxing!!  Here are a few photos of our trip....

Our first look at the beautiful beach was breathtaking!

A look back at the boardwalk. The campground was just inside the trees and not a far walk at all!

A look down the beach to the South.

A look down the beach to the North.
Where are all the people?... you ask.
We almost had the whole beach to ourselves the entire time!!
It was wonderful!

Shells were everywhere!! Every day we were on a treasure hunt
 to find the most beautiful and most interesting shells.
I'll try and post photos of them soon!

The sunset on Thursday evening was beautiful!

Friday morning, we took a walk up the beach.

These were the biggest sand dunes that I have ever seen!!

A friend that we met along the way.

A look at our campsite.
Or... I should say... the "mosquito's campsite",
because THEY pretty much OWNED it!

Saturday evening's sunset was PERFECT and even more beautiful!

My girls :)

Hubby and I 

"The Boys" on the way home... after Chester got sick!
He gets carsick EVERY time! Poor baby!


  1. Love the pictures! And I can't believe how empty the beach is! I want to go there now haha.

  2. Thanks, Laura. Yes! It was wonderful! It felt like our own private island! heehee



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