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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Felt Like My Mom Today

I have been driving since I was 15 years old. That means that I have been driving for about 30 years! YIKES!

I couldn't wait to learn to drive, unlike my mother who didn't learn how until she was 51 years old! The only reason that she learned to drive at that time, was because my dad had passed away and she new that she had to. This was in 1983.

When I was little, anytime my mom wanted to go anywhere, my dad would have to take her. I was an only child, so this meant that I had to go along, too.

I can still remember sitting in the car with my Daddy, listening to the radio, while my mom went grocery shopping at the "Big Star".

If my mom wanted to go to the mall, I would sit with my dad on a bench and wait for her. My daddy liked to "people watch", so I don't think he minded too much.

My mom's "not knowing how to drive" seemed to only be a problem when my dad was at work and wasn't able to drive her somewhere. This was usually during the week, when she would need to take me to the doctor. (Seems like I was always needing to go to the doctor!) She would have to call a neighbor or a friend and ask them if they could take us.

Today, I realized how my mom must have felt having to ask someone to drive her somewhere that she need to go. Because of my recent surgery, I am unable to drive for one week. I had to ask Dtr. #2 to drive me to "Wally World" (Walmart) so that I could get some things that I needed. Luckily, like my very patient dad... she didn't seem to mind.

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