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Monday, September 20, 2010

Twin Fin

This is the third edition to my new hobby of learning more about WINE.

I bought this wine, along with another one (I'll blog about it soon!), for my trip to the beach.

"Wally World" is not my first choice in places to buy wine, but because I was pushed for time... I had no other choice but to buy my wine there, while I was buying other things that I needed for the beach.

Dtr. #2 was with me because this was the week after my surgery and I couldn't drive. You can read my post about that HERE. We didn't have a lot of time because she had to get back home and get ready to go to work. So... I hurridly glanced over the selection in front of me and because the labels are what make my decision, I felt rushed to find one that I liked. I didn't have a whole lot to choose from, but this one did catch my eye.

I had seen it before and it had intrigued me, then. It was a cheap wine, so this allowed me to look for another one to go along with it! -- more on it at a later time.

Because I was pressed for time... I didn't realize that this wine was also a Chardonnay, like the previous one that I tried. --- My goal, right now, is to try all different types of WHITE WINE. But, that was ok. I really liked the previous wine. **Smile**

There was a website on the bottle, but when I went to it, it was no longer there. So.... I "googled" it and this is what I found at

Twin Fin

Hugh Reimers and Sam Burton are not your typical winemakers. When they decided to start the Twin Fin, they wanted it to be really different—to capture the California lifestyle they’ve come to love. “We are part of a new generation of wine drinkers,” says Hugh. “We wanted to make this wine as a connection to all the things that we love: sand and surf, snowboarding, golf, living the California Dream. Twin Fin is cool, classic, but laid back and generous. It’s just plain great.”

“Twin Fin is all about fun: relaxed, and always comfortable,” says Sam. “Good wine is like those experiences that become memories, where the horizon signifies not an end, but a beginning—of the next wave, the next adventure, the next possibility. It’s where quality and personality, character and substance all meet in one bottle.”

Hugh and Sam are not what you’d expect from winemakers; these guys are better. While they both have impressive backgrounds – Hugh graduated from Australia’s top winemaking school and Sam has worked with wineries in all of the major wine regions of Australia – they also know how to have a good time. They really live in the spirit of the wine they create: people that work hard and play hard.

“We get the grapes from select vineyards along California’s Central Coast,” says Sam. “That gives us great wine quality, and a chance to travel to all the places we love to visit.” This winemaking duo makes six wines: Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir. The wines are fresh and fruit-driven and offer tremendous quality for the price—just right for everything from beach barbecues to dinner with the in-laws. “The perfect night, the perfect friends and the perfect wine—it’s that easy with Twin Fin,” says Hugh.

To me.... the stories are what make the wines special. I love reading about them, as well as tasting them!

My thoughts on this wine --- I liked it. It was good. It gets a "Thumbs Up".

Here's a photo of the back label. Sorry that part of it's missing. I finished this wine while we were at the beach and I left it in the cooler to travel home. I didn't want it to get broke. I didn't think about the label getting too wet and pealing off! Oops!

I was also disappointed when I went to open this wine. It wasn't until then that I realized that it had a "screw off lid" and not a cork! I have been saving my corks and didn't have one to save with this wine. Oh well. Lesson learned! **Smile**

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