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Friday, April 30, 2010

Instant Yard

I want a beautiful yard so badly!! I want lush green grass to sink my toes into and beautiful plants & flowers to admire! I want a yard that looks like this....
This "yard" is at Callaway Gardens. It is in the center of what is called "Mr. Cason's Vegetable Garden". Just look at those beautiful flowers and trees!! And that beautiful green grass!! My yard is almost the exact opposite of this one, but I have a pool. The pool is a beautiful "blue" and is so pretty to look at, but my yard needs a major overhaul!!

I wish there were a such thing as an "Instant Yard". It would consist of something like...throwing some seeds out there, watering them, and POOF!!!! Instant Yard!! Complete with lush, green grass, plants & flowers. Oh... I would be GLAD to "maintain" it!! I just need to get it started!!! 

But, from everything I read online, it isn't so easy! "Instant Yards" don't exist. Well..... if I were Bill Gates or Oprah, then.... I guess they would! I could just hire someone to come in and.... "POOF!"... Give me an instant yard! But.... since I do not have the funds to even come close to Bill or Oprah, then.... I am stuck trying to figure out how to do it on my own. My funds are more equal to Jed Clampet BEFORE he struck oil!! (Well, maybe not quite that bad!)

And having "funds" is only half the problem!! My thumb is BLACK!! Not "green"! I have no idea as to how to even begin such a project as aquiring a beautiful yard! I need to find a guide called... "Beginner's Landscaping on a BIG TIME Budget!"

Hmmmmm..... maybe I'll check the library.

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