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Friday, April 9, 2010

Pet Peeves

Original date written -- 4/8/10

As I was driving to visit my mom today, and as the rain came pouring down... the thought of this blog entry came to my mind. WHY?... You ask. Because one of my biggest pet peeves is people who do not have the courtesy to turn their lights on when they are driving in the rain!!!

It is about a 20 minute drive to my mom's and as I drove, I began to think of other "pet peeves" that I could add to this first one. (I won't mention that I was writing these down as I drove .... in the pouring down rain! ...OOPS! Already did!)

This list below is just the beginning of a list that I am sure that I will add to. So be on the lookout for updates! This list is also NOT in any particular order. They are only in the order of how they popped into my mind! The first 4 are the ones that I thought of as I drove to see my mom.... in the rain.

First of all.... WHY are they called PET PEEVES?? ... Hmmm.... that might deserve some research at a later time!

1. PEOPLE WHO DON'T DRIVE WITH THEIR LIGHTS ON IN THE RAIN --- I am not sure why this bothers me so much! Obviously, I CAN see them! But, it just "erks" (not sure if that's a word or not, but it's one that I use!) me to no end!! But... for one thing... it is a Georgia State Law that you MUST drive with your lights on in the rain. And... for a second thing... it's just the polite thing to do so that other drivers can see you. It's NOT that hard to remember to turn them on! The rain should be a reminder!

2. PEOPLE WHO SHOW TOO MUCH "P.D.A." --- Don't get me wrong... I love to see people that are in love. But... there is limit as to how much of that stuff you need to do in public! A quick peck on the lips is fine. A hug or embrace is fine. Holding hands is fine. But, any more than that requires a BEDROOM!

3. PEOPLE THAT CLAIM THAT THEY KNOW GOD, BUT DON'T GO TO CHURCH --- I understand that a person can believe in God and live a Godly life, and not go to church. But... really???... How well can they really KNOW GOD?? Trust me! I am no expert! But, from everything that I have been taught... in church... you can not grow in your faith and truly know God without taking part in and participating in church. I truly believe that it takes worshiping with other believers and also fellowshiping with other believers to truly be a follower of God.

4. PEOPLE THAT LITTER (AKA: LITTERBUGS) --- I have to admit that I haven't actually "seen" anyone do this in quite a while, but it must be still happening because where else is all the "litter" on the road coming from?? Of course, I do realize that some of it may come from the back of pick-up trucks as the result of the trash flying out of the back as the truck drives down the highway. --- Now, that I'm thinking about it... could this be the pick-up driver's way of getting rid of his trash, but not "actually" littering?? Haahaa... I think I'm on to something!!


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