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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pet Peeves #5-8

In an earlier post (4/9/10), I blogged about starting a list of my pet peeves. I vowed to add to this list as I thought of more. So, here it goes....

5. DOG OWNERS WHO LET THEIR DOGS RUN FREE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD - On my way home today, just as I was exiting the hwy to where I live, I noticed a dead dog... (I know. It's sad!)... right there on the side of the hwy. It looked very much like one that lives in my neighborhood, which isn't far from this hwy & exit ramp. My immediate thought was to think how this could have been avoided IF it's owners had just kept it in their yard, or on a leash.
 Unfortunately, the county that I live in does not have a leash law. This is due to the fact that it is still considered a "rural" county. Yes, there is still plenty of undeveloped land here, but.... the county is growing fast with more and more neighborhoods being developed.
 What I don't understand is that if the dog owner's LOVED their "pets", then they wouldn't let their "pet" run free and risk the chance of it getting run over by a car!! DUH!!!!! It's not hard to comprehend! We have lived in this same neighborhood for over 10 years and have had a dog the whole time we have lived here. One of the first things that we did when we moved in, was to put up a FENCE so that our beloved "pet" would be safe and also wouldn't disturb our neighbors by going into their yards.

That's another problem.... I do not feel SAFE walking in my own neighborhood because of these so-called "pets" that are running loose! Once, while I was walking my dog ON A LEASH, another big dog ran out of it's yard and attacked my dog!!! Then... the owner had the guts to think that my dog provoked her dog!! UNREAL!! The nerve of some people!

These "pets" also get into our trash if we put it out too early!! So.... I have to remember to take the trash cans to the street right before I leave for work. Any earlier, and the trash cans are dumped over, and trash is dragged from one end of the yard to the other!!

Ok... I'll "shut up" on this one now! Sorry! It gets my blood boiling!!

*** 4/23/10 -- Just wanted to add that... yesterday, I saw the dog that I "thought" was hit by the car. He is fine, and I am glad :)

6. BAD DRIVERS - This fits a wide range of drivers, but I felt it needed to be added to the list. For this category, I would like to include the following:
  • Those drivers who drive faster than those of us that are already going slightly over the speed limit.
  • Those same "fast drivers" who weave in and out of traffic.
  • Those same "fast drivers" who, as YOU are passing a "slow driver" (aka: one who is actually going the speed limit), drive up fast and get on your BUTT until you move out of THEIR WAY!
  • Those drivers who do not know how to MERGE!!!
  • Those drivers who refuse to let YOU merge!!
  • Those drivers who do not use their blinker!
I may have to add to this particular list at a later time. I am sure that I am leaving out something!

7. RUDE PEOPLE - There is no reason for one person to be rude to another. There just aren't any excuses AT ALL! (If you think of one, please let me know! I'd be curious to hear!) I don't care how bad of a day that you are having, please do not take it out on innocent people around you!

8. PEOPLE IN AUTHORITY THAT ENJOY TELLING OTHERS WHAT TO DO - I would also call these people... "People that are on a POWER TRIP". Just because you are someone's boss or you have any kind of authority over someone else, does not give you the right to flaunt your authority, or belittle those that are under you. Now, that I think about it... this would fit nicely under #7 - RUDE PEOPLE, as well.

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