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Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Do I Even Bother...

with NAIL POLISH..... that is. Not two minutes after I think it is dry, I mess it up!!! I mean really?? WHO do I think I am, a DIVA??? No. I am far from it! I rarely paint my fingernails. I DO, however, keep my toes polished in the summer. (I keep them hidden in the winter!) But, we are going to a friend's BIG 50th BIRTHDAY BASH and I wanted to "dress up" a little --- by polishing my fingernails, of all things! It's weird, I feel like I can't TOUCH anything! I feel like I am FRAGILE or something! Maybe that is how a "Diva" feels. I wouldn't know, because.... like I said... I am not one.

But, wait a minute... I wonder what the definition of a "Diva" is?? Let's look it up on (I love that site!) Maybe I am one and just don't know it!!

According to a DIVA is --- a distinguished female singer; prima donna. It;s origin comes from the word DIVINE. Other words that describe a "Diva" are: "distinguished woman singer", "goddess, fine lady".

Hmmm..... I kinda' like the GODDESS description! Hee hee!!

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