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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Love for Houses

I love to watch the HGTV show - HOUSE HUNTERS. My favorites are the episodes where the families (or singles) are looking to buy a BIG HOUSE. I don't really watch the ones where the home buyers are looking to buy a tiny condo, in a big city, for a bazillion $$$!! The big houses are more fun to look at. I love to try and guess which house they are going to choose, and of course I TALK to the TV like they can hear me! .... "Choose #3!".... "Why did you pick THAT one?".... "Why are you being so picky?"

For as long as I can remember, I have ALWAYS loved looking at houses and houseplans. I think it come from the fact that I grew up living in apartments all my life. When I was little, I loved the house on THE BRADY BUNCH that Mike Brady "designed". (Hey, Mike! How come your beautiful house only had one bathroom for 6 kids?? And... why would you design a house for a family of 8 (or is it 9, with Alice?) with only 3 bedrooms?? (or 4, if you count Alice's bedroom.) I also loved my Aunt Doris' house because it had STAIRS and it was BIG! While my mom and dad visited with my aunt, I would wonder the house and pretend it was the house on the Brady Bunch. I was always Jan. I loved her hair!!!

When I got a little older, I would design my OWN houses. I wish I still had some of my designs. Of course, they were on paper (That stuff made from trees that you can write on. It's a rare thing these days, I know!) Today... if I were to design a house, I would get a "Home Design" program for my computer. (Actually... that was one of the first programs that I bought when I got my first computer!)

I used to buy Home Design magazines all the time, too! I had stacks & stacks of them and would look at them and DREAM. It wasn't until Hubby and I built our first home 11 years ago, that I finally threw them out. ---- Now, I miss them!

I am starting to get the "new house itch" and I'm thinking about our next home. Of course, what I would LIKE to have and what we will be able to afford (someday) are two different things. But, hey.... a girl can still dream! Here is a list of criteria's for my "Dream House".....
  • 2200 sq feet or more
  • 4 bed / 3 1/2 Bath
  • Country Style or Craftsman Style
  • Main Floor Master
  • Foyer
  • Fireplace
  • Great Room (Kitchen open into family room)
  • 1/2 Bath on main floor
  • Full Basement
  • Front Porch
  • 2 or 3 Bedrooms upstairs, each with it's own bath.
  • Bonus Room or area upstairs
  • Large laundry room, with a window if possible
  • 2 or 3 car garage
I'm not asking for much! But.... like I said... A girl can dream, right?


  1. I enjoy International House Hunters...I'm amazed that the square footage of homes abroad compared to the giant homes were used to here in the States.

  2. Yes. I like that one, too!! :)



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