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Friday, April 9, 2010

Adjusting isn't easy

Original date written -- 4/1/10

Well, I have advanced to the world of wearing "progressive lenses" (aka: bifocals!). They now call them progressive lenses. But, they're the same thing!

I am having trouble adjusting to them. I hear that it is normal, though. But, I'm not sure. How much time do I give myself before I decide that I CAN'T adjust to them and give up! Right now, my eyes & head hurt! I just want to stick them right back in their pretty little container (well.. actually, it's kinda' plain!) and go back to taking my reading glasses on and off in order to read close up.

I really only need glasses to read. These "progressive lenses" have regular vision (basically, just glass!) on the top and then "progressively" get to 1.50 on the bottom, which is actually too strong! My comfort level for reading is 1.25, but the doc said that 1.50 needs to be on the bottom so that the 1.25 will be at the level that I need for reading. HOW COME THE 1.25 IS SO HARD TO FIND?? I can find the 1.50 and the "glass" part with no problem!

Guess I need more time to "adjust". For now.... I'm taking them OFF!

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