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Friday, April 9, 2010

Day two of .... "The Purge"

Original date written -- 4/6/10

I'm not sure how much "purging" I will get done today. I need to just clean my house today. First on my list is to work out on the Wii.

I do believe that God gave me a message this morning regarding "holding onto things", which goes right along with what I wrote yesterday about how I have a hard time "letting go of things". In my devotional book -- "Babes With Beatitude" -- God helped me to understand that.... anything that I can't do without or that I have an addiction to, means that it is an "idol" in my life and therefore could be put before God. I need to seriously think about the things in my life that I think are so "precious" to me. Are they really more important to me than God?? If I had to choose between them and God... which would I choose?

This is the thought that I need to have as I go thru the "things"... (aka: CLUTTER!) .... in my house and decide what I can get rid of. I know some "things" are things that I really can't (and shouldn't) get rid of. But, I do need to seriously think about why I feel so strongly about holding on to so many "things".

I think I just discovered something. --- The answer is that these "things" are just that... THINGS! And they really are not more important than God.

*** It's now 2pm and I have been busy all day cleaning my house. I got a lot done, but there is still more to be done. I took a break about an hour ago to lounge by the pool.. *smile*.. for a bit.

Until tomorrow....

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