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Friday, April 9, 2010

My "Foundation"

Original date written -- 4/7/10

As I was watching Glenn Beck last night on TV talking about Obama's "foundation"... (No. I'm not going to go into how I feel about him!!)... I got to thinking about my own "foundation". Exactly, what is my "foundation"?

Let's start with my Daddy. ~ He was born here in west Georgia in a moderate sized city known for it's many textile mills. His mother and father (my grandparents) were both from southern Alabama. My Daddy was a very affectionate man, as was my grandmother. I never knew my grandfather. I know that my grandmother -"Ma Ma" (... pronounced "Maw Maw", but this is how she spelled it!) went to a Methodist church and I assume that my Daddy did too, but I am not sure. Ma Ma may have gone alone. I never learned anything about God from my Daddy, but I did go to church with my Ma Ma, when I was little. I do know that my Daddy had a good singing voice and grew up singing at a small, local theatre with my aunt.

My Daddy played football in high school and then went into the Navy for a couple of years. He and my mom met and married after that. He was always a hard-working man. He started out his career in the finance business, but then moved into working blue-collar type jobs which suited him better. He never made a lot of money, but provided as best he could for our small family.

He was always a very friendly and funny person, too. He loved to tell jokes and make people laugh.

Health-wise.... my Daddy was NOT healthy. He was overweight. He had heart problems and diabetes. He died of a heart attack at the early age of 53, when I was 18.

So.... going back to my "foundation".... what did I get from my Daddy?? --- Besides his blue eyes (*smile*)... I believe that I am an affectionate person because of him. I have also been told that I have a good singing voice, so maybe I got that from him too! I am a Christian because of my Ma Ma. (She was the only one that ever took me to church!) I guess you could say that I get my love for football from my Daddy, too!!

I think I get my "friendliness" from my Daddy, as well. I enjoy people and even tho I am no good at telling jokes, I do like to make people laugh. (Although... they may be laughing at ME!!)

Next... is my Mommy. Although, I no longer call her "Mommy". Now, she's just "Ma". She was born just north of the city that my Daddy was born in. It was (and still is) more of a "town" than a "city". Her parents (my grandparents) were both from this same area.... or not far from it, in other small "towns". My mom was never as affectionate as much as my Daddy was. I don't remember her telling me that she "loved me" when I was little. I don't remember getting hugs from her either, like I did from my Daddy. I could have blocked them out. I'm not sure. I have a long, not-so-good history, with my mother that I won't get into right now.

I never knew my mother's father, but I have always heard how wonderful a person, he was. He was a "rural mail carrier" for the small town that they lived in, here in west Georgia. My mother's mother - "Mama Lou"... (Yes, there's a story behind that name!) - was not a very affectionate person. I suppose that this is why my mother really wasn't. Mama Lou was a very "needy" person. My only memories are of her either lying in her bed, or sitting in "her chair". She didn't do a whole lot. She always had someone to take care of her.

My mom has always been very artistic. She has always had a love for crafts and for painting. She always had some sort of "project" that she was working on. She loved to sew, as well. Her career was always in the apartment management field. She did that for over 30 years, until she was forced to retire at about the age of 60. She has always been a very "giving" person, too. If she had it, she would give it! (and is still that way!)

My mom has always been a very "friendly" person, too. She always made friends easily. She has also always loved to talk!! She could tallk the ears off of a donkey, if he would let her! - LOL!

Health-wise.... my mom is NOT a very healthy person! She has been overweight my whole life! (The picture here, was taken before I was born.) Not just "overweight", but obese. She has too many health problems to even name! Five years ago, it caught up with her in the result of a pretty bad stroke. As a result, she now lives in a nursing home at the age of 78 and needs a wheelchair to get around because she is too weak.

So.... what did I get from my mom?? --- I get my artistic abilities from her. I am not as talented as she is, but I do love creating things by hand. I also like to sew and quilt, but I'm not as good at it as she was either! I have to admit that I am not the "giving" person that she is. I tend to be more selfish of my time and my "things"! (I probably get that from Mama Lou! LOL!) I do try to be a "friendly" person, like my mom has always been, and I guess I could probably talk the ears off of a donkey, too! Thankfully, I am NOT obese. I am, however, overweight. I do work hard at trying to take care of my body and lose the extra weight. It is just being stubborn and won't leave!!! I will say this.... my mom is my inspiration to take care of my body and not get to the very, unhealthy condition that she is in!!!

All in all, I think I am a well-rounded person and my "foundation" is a very good one. I have much to be thankful for.

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