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Friday, April 9, 2010

It's All in the Presentation

According to the word PRESENTATION means: The act of presenting

Today, I witnessed my almost 19 year old daughter give her daddy an awesome presentation on why HE should take our family of  four to Orlando's Unviersal Studios for the opening of the World of Harry Potter. Her technique was AMAZING! She should get all A's in any of her college classes that require her to give a presentation on something!

Here is a link to a website that I found that gives some tips on "how to give a great presentation". (She could have written this article!!) Beside each "tip", I have written in green how she used each particular tip without even knowing it!

According to you should do the following --

- Speak slow. --- I can't say that she spoke "slow" because she was so exicted!
- Talk to individuals in the crowd. --- The "crowd" would be her daddy.
- Think before you speak. Take pauses. --- She did!
- Drink lots of water. --- I can't say that she did this, either.
- Get a good night's sleep. --- I'm sure that she did, without knowing that she needed it!
This all just came about today as she learned about a great "package deal" that Universal has!
- Avoid the urge to go out drinking the night before. If you do, moderate yourself. ---
Nope. I know for sure she didn't do this!
- Eat. --- She had a chocolate bagel. Does that count?
- Breathe. --- She was breathing.... hard, out of excitement.
- Visualize a positive outcome. --- Yep! She did. She's determined to make it happen!
- Hang out with the other speakers (if there are any) and ask them questions and for advice.
I guess this would be me. She hit me up with the idea first and I said... "You'll have to
convince your father!"
- Prepare Your Support Materials - Use pictures to get your idea across. ---
She had the website pulled up on the computer, ready to show him!
- Think positive. --- I think I covered this one above. She's determined!
- Tell stories. --- This would be where she reminded her daddy that we hadn't been on an
Orlando vacation in quite a few years.
- Keep your intro short and strong. --- Her "intro" was having an open beer ready and waiting
for her daddy when he walked in the door!!
- Keep it slow and steady. --- Again... I can't say that she did this.
- Pause to let strong ideas sink in.--- She did.
- Smile, joke and laugh if appropriate.--- She did this VERY well!!
- End strong. --- Her ending was... "I expect an answer by tomorrow".
- Be prepared for interruptions and questions. --- Yes. There were questions, and she (of course)
had an answer for them all!

There were more tips, but I only posted a few. Feel free to check out the website above for more... or if this works out and we DO get to go on this trip... you might want to skip right to having the open beer ready!

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