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Friday, April 9, 2010

My Baby Is Not a "Baby" Any More

Original date written -- 4/3/10

Once again, I am writing about parenting my "adult" children. Technically, they are adults. But, since they are new at being adults... it's hard to know how to parent them. Sometimes you feel you need to give them advice, but since they are "adults", they don't think they need your advice. It's so FRUSTRATING!

For instance... today, I heard "Mom, I'm not a baby.", when I tried to warn my almost 19 year old about the storms that would be coming later in the afternoon. She's traveling 100 miles away today with friends, and I thought she might want to know about the weather conditions. I guess NOT!

All I can do is pray for my kids and keep offering advice when I think they need it, I guess. I'm sure I treated my mom the same way at this age, too... and I'm sure she was just as frustrated as I am!

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