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Friday, April 9, 2010

Walking with Jesus

Original date written -- 3/30/10

I love reading devotions each morning. God speaks to me thru them and it is such a wonderful way to start my day! This morning, as I read one that I get in my email called... "Journey Deeper into God's Word" by Rev. Mark Brown... God reminded me of this:

As I walk around each day, "doing life" (as Rev. Mark wrote), I don't do it alone. Jesus is with me, and I must walk at a pace that keeps Jesus at my side. I must not run ahead of Him or lag behind Him. If I walk "with" Him, then... when I come to an obsticle in my path or a fork in my path, Jesus is there to guide me as to which way to go or to lend a helping hand at moving the obsticle that is blocking my way. Or.... He will be there to show me that the path that I am on is a dead end and I must turn around and go a different way.

Now, I am thinking that if I was walking with Jesus, then He wouldn't take me down a "dead end" path. But.... sometimes, He might do that so that He can "teach" me. For He uses my mistakes to help me learn.

Thank you, Lord, for speaking to me this morning. Thank you for walking with me each day. Forgive me when I forget that you are there to guide me and for when I stray off of the path that you have laid out for me.

I love you, Lord!!

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