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Friday, March 4, 2011

Update On My Living Room

If you follow my blog, you will remembrer that I have been in the process of redecorating my living room. You can view previous posts about it here and here.

I DID buy that beautiful fabric! I bought enough to make two 18x18 pillows. I went later and bought trim to for the pillows, as well. But... when I got home and measured, I realized that the girl at the store only cut enough for ONE pillow! I told her two, but I guess she didn't hear me. So... I will have to go back for more next week.

And... Yes, David DID paint the walls. Here are some photos of the "Before" & "After, so far:

"Before the new couch"

"After" the new couch, but "before" the new paint and the new slipcover on the blue chair.

Another "Before" photo of the blue chair and the old walls.

"After" with the new couch, new slipcover on chair and new paint.

Another look at the "After"

You will notice that I don't have anything on the walls yet. "Before", I had a grapevine wreath over the entertainment center. I liked the "look" of it, but I was never able to dust it and David hated it! So... it went bye-bye. I am in no way a decorator (haahaa!! Betcha' couldn't have guessed that!), but I think there needs to be something to go on this tall wall. I just don't know what! Maybe a big clock??? I don't have a clue! Any suggestions would be appreciated! **Smile**

I also need something on the wall above the chair. I'm just not sure what. Ashley suggested that I get a tall lamp to go behind it. I'm just not sure yet.

What do you think of the slipcover?? I am not totally sold on it, but I like it better than the navy blue. This eliminates that color from the room and this color seems to look better because it is "neutral".

I also still need something on this wall. Ashley is going to paint us a landscape!! I CAN NOT WAIT for it to be done!!! The problem is that she is SOOOO busy with school, I don't know when she will have the time. We have the canvas, ready to go!

Check out this wonderful pillow that I found at Ross for $7.00! The fabric is FLEECE, so it is SO soft!! I love the ruffles, too!

Here is a piece of my pillow fabric, ready to be assembled!

Here is what the pillows will look like all-together. Sorry about the blurry photo ! I really need to learn to wear my glasses when I take pictures, because MANY of them are starting to be blurry!

Here is the start of my pillow-sewing project! Wish me luck! I am not the best at it! I may end up regretting taking this project on! Of course, I have to go and get more trim since I ended up with not enough!


  1. Looking good, the green cushion looks fabulous on the neutral throw and I still love the other fabric, silly girl only giving you enough for one though!

  2. Thank you, LindyLou! I started sewing the pillow today. It's looking good, so far! :)

  3. It's a huge improvement Becky and looking really good. I also love that green cushion. It's one of my favourite colours. I have just bought (note - bought, NOT made!! LOL! I'm not very arty crafty, I'm afraid) 3 green cushions and put them on a terracotta settee, and it has really lifted it. I am so pleased with it. Hope you have a good weekend. Hugs to you.

  4. Becky, I really like your new room. The wall color is so warm. Ashley's lamp idea sounds good-would be good for sitting and reading. Or you could put a horizontal picture on the wall behind the chair-maaaybee Ashley could do one that coordinates with the landscape piece she is going to do, only in a longer horizontal size! Or get one of those horizontal frames that holds 3 or 4 individual 5X7's, or 4X6's and put black and white photos of some of your park pictures in it. The pillows together really set off your colors, adding spice! You do good work!

  5. This ~ Thank you! I love that color, as well. My home office is painted that color and so is the girls bathroom. It's rainy here today. Not sure how I will spend my day! Hope it's warm and sunny where you are! ;)

  6. Susan ~ Thank you for your commments! Yes, I like the idea of a lamp, too. And your idea of a grouping for 5x7 photos is a really good idea! I hadn't thought of that! I could change them out with the seasons or holidays. I'm going to look for a frame that would be perfect for that spot!



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