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Monday, March 28, 2011

Southern Funk

Saturday, my church had what we called Market Day. They invited vendors to come in and sell their "goods". It was a fundraising event for our Kentucky Mission Team.

I was surprised to see that there were over 35 vendors, selling jewelry, scrapbooks, purses, bags, birdhouses, plants, homemade bread, scarves, fine consignment clothes, monograms, home decor, & gifts galore! I was OVERWHELMED!!

A hot southern-style breakfast was served from 9:00am - 10:30am. And a lunch of BBQ chicken and the "fixin's" was served from 11:30am - 2:30pm. Breakfast was $5.00 & lunch was $7.00.

I did good. I got there at 8:30 and stood in line for breakfast, then I went straight to the jewelry booth, which was my goal!

This booth was/is owned by my pastor's sister! Her business is called SOUTHERN FUNK. Isn't that a cute name?? I think so! She was here a couple of months ago and did a "show" at my pastor's house. I wasn't able to go, but I had heard what BEAUTIFUL jewelry she had and how WONDERFUL the prices were, so this time... I was NOT going to miss it!

I wish I had taken pictures because you would NOT believe the amount of jewelry that she had displayed and how absolutely beautiful it all was!! The prices were outstanding! Nothing was over $14.00!!!!

Here is a picture of her business card. She also has a website!

She also sold beautiufl scarves!! She had them displayed all around her booth. I was TOTALLY overwhelmed!!

My first goal was to find a birthday present for my mother. Her birthday is coming up on April 3rd. She will be 79. She loves jewelry, so I was quite sure that I would find something that she would like. The first thing that I saw was this owl necklace!! It was PERFECT for her!! My mom has always loved owls. When I was growing up, she had them all over our home!

This one has a long chain, which is perfect for her. She won't have to try and fasten it every time. It came with a set of earrings, but my mom's ears are not pierced. I will keep those for myself. I love the way his feathers "dangle"! She is going to LOVE this!

Here are the pieces that I bought for ME!

I have a "thing" for hearts! I love them! I wore this to church yesterday with a gray shirt that I have. It looked beautiful!

A closer look at the earrings which say... "honesty".

I love the beach, so this set called my name, too!! The earrings came with it!!

A closer look. The colors are so pretty!!!

I bought these earrings, too. They were by themselves! I LOVE THEM! Check out that price, too!

Here are the scarves that I bought. I have never really worn scarves before, but I really like the way that they look on other people, so I thought that I would try a couple out!

It's hard to tell in this picture, but his one is sort-of a grayish-blue color. I thought it would go great with a t-shirt and blue jeans!

This one has the beachy colors that I love! It will look great with that starfish necklace!!

Check out the website HERE and see what you like!!


  1. beautiful wish i had the talent to create things like this

  2. All of your shopping finds look amazing! The website is simply great! Can you find out if she ships to Europe? :)

  3. Becca ~ Me too!

    Claudia ~ I can sure ask! I'll let you know! :)

  4. That jewellery certainly looks wonderful, and, as you say, very reasonably priced. I'm glad you bought some little treats for yourself! The scarves are beautiful too. I especially loved the colours in the second one. That sort of market is just the sort of place I like mooching around!

  5. This ~ It WAS a lot of fun! I should have taken some pics of all the goodies! Oh well.

  6. Oh my, they had some pieces that looked amazing! Thank you for sharing. I love frogs, I plan on buying the frog braclet!!!! Thanks so much for sharing such a fun website. You bought some cute things, as well!!!!

  7. Heather ~ That's cool! I'm glad that you found something that you liked! :)



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