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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Narrowing the List

I have not been doing a very good job of following reading all of the blogs that I follow. I counted them last night and there were 101 on my list that I supposedly... "follow"!!! That is quite a lot!! And... WAY too many to be actually "reading".

The list had quite a lot of different kinds of blogs. Some were very "wordy". Some were "crafty", meaning that they were about making "crafts". Some were about "decorating". Some were about "photography". Some were about "blogging". Some were just for "fun".

So.... I decided to cut the list down and get rid of some of the blogs that no longer interest me and/or I never go to read any longer.

Many of the ones that I cut were "crafty" blogs and crafts don't really interest me any longer. Plus... if I want to know how to make something, I can just "Google" how to make it!

I also cut a few blogs that had to do with "blogging". I think I know how to blog now, and don't really need those any longer.

A couple were about photography and ONLY photography. I found myself skipping right over these.

I may lose a few followers because of my decisions, but that is ok. I am fine with that.

I bet many of you that are faithful followers of my blog are now a little worried that I may have cut YOU!! Don't worry. If you follow me faithfully, then that means that I follow you, as well! Many of you are so gracious as to even comment on my blog posts and I appreciate that so very much! I try to do the same for you.

Now, you would think that my list of blogs that I "follow" would be MUCH shorter..... NOPE! I still have 73 blogs on my list!!! Hahaaa!!

... at some (there are MANY others!) of my favorite blogs that I will continue to follow:

Southhamsdarling by Thisisme in the United Kingdom

South Georgia Living by Mallory & Blake in Alabama

My Life by Becca in Florida

KardKornerKrib by Susan in Texas

The Funny Side of the Street by Sandy in Nevada

Yes, They Are All Mine by Evy in Washington State

Boarding In Bedlam by Arby in Kansas

Mrs. C's Life by Heather in Wyoming

Greener Grass by Melissa

A La Carte by Linda in Georgia

Joy and Gladness by Brownie in Minnesota

5 Minutes Just For Me by Natasha in Australia

A Stroll Thru Life by Marty

Thinkin' of Home by Ceekay in Alabama

News from Italy by LindyLou in Italy

The Geyers from Chattanooga by Emily in Tennessee


  1. I see I am honoured to still be on your list Becky. Thankyou I appreciate how hard it is to keep up with blog reading, especially when you keep finding new ones :)

  2. Phew! I was panicking a bit there for a moment!! And, then, Eeeek! there I was (and right on the top of the pile as well!!). Thank goodness for that. I certainly know what you mean about cutting them down a bit though. It gets very difficult to keep on top of it all, IF you want to do it properly. I find it strange that some people have over 1,000 followers (can you imagine that??!!) and sometimes I'm the only one to leave a comment. I can't get my head round that. Perhaps the others send e-mails, but I do find it strange. Oh well, as long as I can still rely on you dear frient!!

  3. I understand the cutting down on blogs you follow. I did that recently and I still have tons that I follow, including you!! I thank you for following me also!! It's a beautiful day so I'm going to go thrifting.

  4. WHEW! I was worried I may have been cut... haha! j/k... I find that i skip around some too! I think I get bored with too much of the same things! Happy Blogging!

  5. Whew!! I survived the cut:) I know what you mean though. My list is long and I should do the same.

  6. Hahaa! Ya'll are too funny! OF COURSE, you are all staying! I LOVE your blogs and your friendship! :) Thank you for sticking with me, as well!

  7. whew i'm still on the list ok i can breathe now thought for a moment i would have to throw me a temper trantum and pout in you are having a great day

  8. Sorry, Becca! Didn't mean to scare you! Hope things are going well for you, too! :)

  9. Aww..this was the first place I went with my new iPhone!! What a wonderful surprise to read your blog and know your still following me. Your like my blog mom.

  10. Congrat's on the new IPhone, Heather!!!! How fun!! I have the latest Ipod Touch and I love it! (Wish it was a phone, tho!) :) Yes! Your blog is one of my absolute favorites and I love the friendship that you and I have found! And I am honored to be considered your "Blog Mom"! :) It's Friday!!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  11. Hi Becky! You do have a lot of reading to do, even with 70+ blogs...WHEW!!! Thanks for keeping me on your list. Also, I look forward to some more of your Saturday photos!

  12. Susan ~ Ya. I know... 70 is still too many! Unfortunately, I don't get around to reading all of them each day. I love your blog, so.... no.... you are not going anywhere! :) Yes... I should go back to doing my random Saturday photos. I got off-track, didn't I? ;)



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