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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While we were camping over the weekend, my friend told me about a fairly new Thrift Market that is in downtown Columbus. It is called Joey's. My friend has another friend that has a booth there and is making a good little paycheck at the end of the month just by selling what she and others, no longer want!

So, on Monday (before I got sick!), I decided to use up a little gas and drive down there. It is in an old warehouse and there are LOTS of booths to wonder through! I even got a little lost as I tried to not miss any!

I was not sure what to expect... whether it would be mostly antiques, mostly "yard sale" type stuff, or just plain JUNK! It ended up being a big mixture of a little bit of everything, which was ok. I didn't really have any money to spend, but knew that I could spend a little if I found something that I just HAD to have.

I love dishes, glassware and antique furniture. So, those were the things that I mainly looked at. I kinda' skipped over the booths with toys, baby stuff, clothes & "junk". I also love books, but didn't spend the time looking through the many that I saw. Maybe next time.

I took a few photos of some things that I liked and thought I would share them with you.

I thought these dishes would be cute for summer! I wanted to buy them, but they had a price tag of $3.95 for EACH plate! I thought that was just a little high.

This was my favorite booth and I LOVED this white cabinet!! It was a reasonable $120. I think it would look wonderful in a bathroom or a kitchen. I don't have the room for it in either one of mine. I would love to make room for it in my office, tho! 

I would REALLY love to redo my master bedroom. I would love to replace my big, ugly, triple dresser for something like this antique one!! It was a reasonable price of $142!! It's not as big as the one that I have, but this one has two deep drawers. Most of my clothes are in my closet, anyway.

I would also love to replace my very outdated headboard (no footboard) with a beautiful iron bed! This one was pretty, but was only a queen - I have a king sized bed, right now - and it isn't exactly the style that I like. The price was VERY good, tho! It was $475 and included a not so pretty dresser that did not match at all! (I should have taken a picture of it, too!)

This IS a very pretty bed!

I'm looking for something more like these below. I grabbed the photos online.
I look foward to going back and looking around a bit more! I better save my pennies!! **Smile**


  1. I would have loved to wander round that place with you Becky! I just love mooching round places like that, and, like you, I loved that little white cabinet. By the way, you've been playing with your Blog again. Very Irish at the moment! Do hope you're feeling a bit better today.

  2. Oh This!! That would be so much fun if you could!! ~ Yes. I get bored easily, so I like to "change things up"! After St. Patty's Day, I will change it again! :) ~ Thanks for the well wishes. I'm still not 100%. Looking foward to when I am again! This is getting OLD!

  3. Great pictures! Love antiques as well, and your bedroom idea is great!



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