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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Good Day with My Mom

Last week, when I visited my mom, she barely talked to me! But, today... she was in a more talkative mood, which is always MUCH more enjoyable!

Sadly, our pastor's father passed away this morning in Mississippi. He (our pastor) and his family were supposed to leave this morning to head that way to see his father one last time before he passed. Unfortunately, they didn't make it in time. He passed too quickly. They knew that he wasn't doing well, but still... I am sure that it was news that they weren't ready to hear.

I had planned on sharing this news with my mom when I went to visit her this afternoon, but another church member had been by for a visit and had already shared this sad news with my mom. That's ok. I didn't mind. It, apparently, stirred up some thoughts in my mom's mind, tho. She, fortunately, does not mind talking about when "her" time comes and she goes to live with Jesus, in Heaven.

Today, she said to me... "I've been meaning to share something with you. I would like to have butterflies released at my funeral". She loves butterflies, birds and flowers... so, this did not come as a surprise to me. I am just not sure how I can make this happen! It's a beautiful thought, tho. We live close to Callaway Gardens and they have a butterfly center there. I may ask them about this and get their thoughts on the idea.

She also started to talk to me about going on a picnic with her Sunday school class... way back when! This was her "Young Adult" class. They were headed to a park in Columbus called "Flat Rock Park". This was right after she had met my Daddy and he was with them. I think she had invited him to the picnic. She said that they were all riding in the back of someones pick-up truck and she was the one standing behind the "cab" of the truck, giving the driver directions. (Sounds like my mom!) When they arrived at the park, it was closed, so they had to find another place to have their picnic. She said that she asked her Daddy (my Grandfather) if they could have the picnic and bonfire at their house and he agreed.

She said that they picked out a spot in the yard, that was at the edge of the woods and was mostly flat. Her Daddy asked the young men... many who were soldiers from Ft. Benning... to follow him to get a "arm load" of wood. She used another term for that, but I can't remember what she said! It was a southern term, and the soldiers didn't understand what he was telling them to do! He had to explain to them that it meant an "arm load".

She went on to say that the ground was more wet than they expected and she had to ask her mother (my Grandmother) for some old magazines for them to use to sit on. (I can just see my Grandmother scurrying around the house, searching for old magazines!! **Smile**)

Apparently, when my Grandmother learned that the class was coming to "her" house for the picnic, she went across the street and borrowed the neighbor's big coffee pot so that she could serve everyone coffee. The neighbor's owned a small restaurant at the end of their drive called "The Brown Buggy".

My mom went on to tell of how my Grandmother had begged for a new rug for their living room and my Grandfather had finally "given in" and bought her one. (I still remember that rug from when I was little!) The rug was brand new when the Sunday School class came for the picnic. I am unclear as to how the picnic went from being outside to inside, but apparently one of the soldiers spilled coffee on my Grandmother's new rug and she had a fit!! (I can just see her, in my mind!! LOL!)

My Daddy must have asked my mom out for a date while at the picnic, because the next night was their first date! She said that my Daddy came to pick her up and she asked him if they could first stop by the neighbor's house and return the coffee pot. They did and then ended up eating dinner at the restaurant... The Brown Buggy. (I wish I knew more about this restaurant. I may try and look it up!)

We continued to talk a little bit about the house that she grew up in... the same house that I remember visiting as a child. My Grandmother lived there until I was about 12 years old. My Grandfather died a year before I was born. Sadly, I never knew him. But, I learned that my Grandfather had sanded all of the wooden floors in that house, by hand! I also learned that the floors were pine, which is not a hardwood. I remember those floors well, and also that rug!

I know that I did not grow up living in that house, but I did spend a lot of my childhood there and have SO MANY wonderful memories of it! That house is about 6 miles down the road from where I live now. Another family lives there. I still get the "warm fuzzies" whenever I pass by it... which is just about ever day! .... But, I also feel a sadness because I miss it so much.

Anyway... I am so thankful to have had such a nice visit with my mom and hear stories that I had not yet heard. Right now, with my mom... there are good days and bad days. Today, was definitely a GOOD DAY!


  1. I am so pleased that you had such a really good visit with your mum this time, Becky. I know that it can make you feel so much better. How lovely to hear all those stories about the picnic and how she first started to go out with your daddy! (Not forgetting the coffee on the rug). I can imagine that your grandma would have been a bit miffed about that! Take care dear friend.

  2. Thank you, This! Yes, I can never hear enough of the stories of the past. They warm my heart! :)

  3. wow what a beautiful idea to release butterflies and a great symbol of being released from this world into the next. great post thank you for sharing your story



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