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Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I hope all of my blogging friends had a wonderful weekend! It was BEAUTIFUL here in West Central Georgia! I was so glad to see the sunshine and it's warmness!

Friday --- I went with Ashley to her induction ceremony for the Education Program at her college. We didn't know what  to expect, so we dressed nice and got over there in plenty of time to get a good seat. We went to the table that was set up in front of the room that we were to be in and Ashley gave the lady her name. The lady gave Ashley her certificate and we got a proram. There weren't many people there yet, so we had no problem finding a seat at a table. They had a small (very small!) table set up with some breakfast foods --- all store-bought pastries. I took a very small poppysead muffin and a very small apple danish thing. The muffin tasted old, so I didn't eat it. Blech! The danish was ok. The "ceremony" was very lame, to say the least. They just had the students stand up, all together, to be recognized. No individual names were called out. Then, they went over the Student Handbook, of all things! Then, that was it. It was time to go. So... I didn't take any pictures, since it really wasn't that kind of an event. Oh well. I am still very proud of Ashley for her accomplishments!

In the evening, we went to the concert. It was VERY GOOD!! Here are some pics that I took. The "close ups" were pics that I took of the "jumbotron". I was glad that they had those! :)

This is Jerrod Niemann. He is an up & coming country musician. He has a couple of songs that are being played on the radio right now. He sang those and a few more that we hadn't heard yet. He was VERY good!

Next.... Darius Rucker performed. He used to be the leader singer of the group called... "Hootie and the Blowfish". We love his music!

During his performance, Brad Paisley pulled one of his famous pranks and had several audience members spray Darius with Silly String!!! It was so funny!!

He just kept on singing!

Then, during Darius' rendition of "Purple Rain" (a Prince song), this guy came out dressed as cupid, throwing purple glitter everywhere!! Too funny!!

Now, it was time for Brad Paisley to sing!! This was his H2O Tour, the letters here said that before they sunk into the ground. I missed the shot! Ooops!

Then, brad appears from what looks like a swimming pool!! Very cool!

Here he is again, in front of the "water".

I like this picture! In one of his songs, he mentions The Beatles!

He put on quite a show for his fans!

He even came down to the "cheap seats" (where we were!) and performed a couple of songs on what looked like a swimming pool!

At the end of the concert, it was one big party on stage!

We had a great time and saw lots of people that we knew. Miranda even got to see her 3rd grade teacher!! It was fun to get to talk with her! Miranda was so excited! Mrs. Galyon was (and has always been!) her very favorite teacher!

Saturday --- David and I took our bikes down to Columbus and rode them 15 miles on the fairly new bike trail that the city has added!! It is part of what I think is a nation-wide program called.... "Rails to Trails". The bike trail is put where old train tracks used to be. We had a great ride! The weather was perfect!

Sunday --- We went to church first. Ashley's boyfriend, Nick, joined us for the first time. It was a new experience having our family of 6 (the four of us +2) spread out across a whole row of seats!! It felt really nice to have us all there together.

We hung out at the house for the rest of the day and watched the Nascar race in the afternoon. We decided to make it interesting and place bets (small bets - $2) on who would win. We each got to pick one driver to be our favorite driver and then we drew names for four more. Ashley was the winner! Jeff Gordon won. He is NOT one of our favorite drivers, but because she drew his name... she won the cash! It was a fun way to enjoy the race.

Now, it's Monday and I'm anxious to get to town and go to the gym and to the grocery store before the rain comes this afternoon. We might get some storms. I kinda' hope so! I love thunderstorms!


  1. Wow! Sounds like you had a great weekend, Becky. That concert looked Awesome! The bike ride sounded like fun, and I am so pleased that you have had some lovely warm weather down there. Please just send some of it our way over to England! I really could do with some sunshine right now.

  2. Thank you, This! I am praying that you see the sunshine soon. It really does lift your spirits. ~ Blessings!

  3. Hey Girl! How cool-Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker! Darius Rucker is becoming quite popular. How did he do on Purple Rain? You got some very good shots of the concert. That's so hard to to. How exhilarating! I saw your post on "I'm stuck", but haven't gotten to read it yet. My husband's been very sick and our grandson is with us this week. But don't give up-sometimes it's not the weight you lose, but water retention and body fat. Remember, MUSCLE weighs more that fat! And I want to thank you again for sending me the instructions for adding links in your post. I can't seem to get it to work, but I'll keep trying. I also want to add tabs at the top like yours for different areas. I know-I'm a copycat, but yu have neat stuff! I appreciate the help you always give when asked. Love this post! Take care!

  4. Hi Susan ~ You are such a sweetie! I always love hearing from you! :) Yes. Darius is a wonderful entertainer! He did GREAT with Purple Rain, amazingly! ~ Thank you for the advice on weightloss. It is SOOOO hard... and Soooooo frustrating!! But, I'm hanging in there and not as depressed as I was. ~ I am sorry that you can't get the links to work. The tabs at the top took me a while to do!! I got really frustrated trying to figure them out! I don't even know if I could explain how I did them! LOL! ~ I'll think about it and get back to you! ((HUGS))

  5. Becky, what a wonderful concert you attended! Thank you for your comment about my memory bottles. You can make a virtual memory bottle of places you would like to go!



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