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Monday, February 7, 2011

Battle of the Sexes

Have you ever heard of this game?? --- I tried to download a photo of the game, but couldn't.

Anyway.... For the past two Sunday's, I have been leading a lesson on Adam & Eve in my Sunday School Class. The college students and I, have had some interesting discussions and I believe the lesson went well. I decided that it might be fun to play the game that my family owns, called... "Battle of the Sexes" this coming Sunday as something fun and different to do in class.

So... I asked Miranda to pull the game down off of her shelf so that I could go through the questions and make sure that they were "appropriate" for church. I soon learned that the "question cards" were missing from the game! If you know of this game, then you know that the questions are the most important part of the game!! ALL of the other pieces are there, but the questions are missing. The question cards must have been pulled out to be used by themselves at some point, and then never returned to the box. I have NO IDEA where these question cards are!! So...... I am racking my brain, trying to come up with questions that we can use.

By searching online and also looking at trivia questions from other games, here are a few that I have come up with ----

Questions for the guys:

1) What color is the flower of a dandelion?
2) Oprah Winfrey starred in the movie "The Color _______".
3) Which Disney character sang, "Someday My Prince Will Come"?

See how they are geared more toward things that "girls" will know and the guys probably won't? This is how the game is played.

Questions for the girls:

1) How many outs are in a double play?
2) What Nintendo star has appeared in the most video games?
3) How many axles does an 18-wheeler have?

See how these are geared more towards what the guys will know and the girls probably won't?

The object of the game is to race to the other side of the board by answering questions.

If you would like to submit some questions for my game, I would LOVE IT!!!!!  If you send some, please mark if they are for the guys or the girls.

Forgive me if this post is confusing. I have not felt well and can not think straight!


  1. I have never heard of this game Becky, and I'm afraid that I'm not really going to be of much help to you with the questions" That's not very good of me, is it, but, like you, I have this awful cold at the moment and really can't concentrate on very much at all. Take care.

  2. No worries, my friend. I think I have it figured out. You're right tho! It sure is hard to concentrate when you don't feel well. ~ hope you feel better, too!! :)



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