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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Bug & The Valentines

I bet your wondering what the two have to do with one another, huh??

The BUG is what I have had for the past week or more! You know... the one that make you feel really crummy! Yep. That's the one. In my mind he looks something like this...

And makes me feel like this...

 Pitiful, huh?? But kinda' cute! **Smile**

I haven't felt like writing or even reading blog posts. --- A HUGE sign that I reallllly don't feel well! I just haven't had the energy. I think I am starting to improve. I started with a cold and then now I think it's more of a sinus infection. Blech! ... I know!

I can almost guarantee where I got this BUG! I am a preschool teacher and well.... I wipe noses all day! I won't go into the graphic details. I will spare you of those. But, I am pretty darn sure that this is where that nasty bug came from!

I stayed home Tuesday from work to take meds and rest. I went back yesterday and then worked today. I am happy to not have to work tomorrow! (I only work Tue/Wed/Thurs) This will hopefully give me a chance to get rid of this nasty BUG!

Ok. Now you are wondering what the Valentines part of this post, is. Well, being that I don't work tomorrow or Monday, we had our class Valentine's party today! Sounds like fun, huh?? Well, picture this and tell me if it sounds like fun...

Twelve kids (7 boys & 5 girls) -- Two teachers (one who felt like POO! -- Me!) -- Cupcakes and sugary cookies with LOTS of icing! -- Red, heart bags made from construction paper with handles that were constantly ripping! -- Valentine cards & candy being given out in turn (which took forever!) -- Parents wanting to take pictures during all the chaos -- Impatient kids wanting to eat the candy as soon as it is put in thier bags -- Kids whining because their handles ripped -- And... plenty of noses still needing to be wiped!

It was quite a day!

Remember when giving a Valentine was just giving a simple little card, like this??

Things have changed quite a bit! Now, instead of just a cute little card... kids (well... parents) are giving out full-blown "Goodie Bags" filled with candy and toys! It's quite different from when I was growing up.

All in all, I guess I can't complain too much. I lucked out and got lots of "Goodie Bags", too! **Smile** Chocolate makes me feel better ANY day of the week!


  1. I loved the piccies of the two bugs!! That valentine thing at school sounded really hectic, especially as you were feeling so blah!! I've got the bug as well now and I'm sure it came from my two little grandchildren, as they had hacking coughs on Tuesday :(. Like you, I haven't felt like blogging at all! Take care dear friend x

  2. Becky, i hope you feel better soon. It sounds like a fun Valentines Day at school. Definetly a lot less fuss when we were kids :)

  3. This ~ I love that word.. "piccies"! I love the one with the coffee cup and slippers. He reminds me so much of myself in the mornings! Yes, it was quite hectic, but I survived! Hope you get to feeling better, as well!

    Sandy ~ Thank you so much! :)

  4. Yay! You made it thru anyway! Sounds familiar. Were your red heart bags like those little construction paper easter baskets we used to make at school? I remember doing that, and like you said-the handles kept coming off. What a fun story! American Greetings, huh? That was Hallmark's rival! HaHa! Cute post-hope you get to feeling better. Oh, and love your bugs!

  5. Susan ~ No. The heart bags were 2 big hearts cut out of big construction paper, holes punched all the way around and then were "laced" together with string. A paper handle was then stapled to the bag, at the top. They were very cute, but did not last long! ~ Yes. I worked as Merchandiser for American Greetings and while I had that job, I was hired on by Hallmark! LOL!

  6. I knew something was up. I hope your doing better.

  7. Heather ~~ Thank you, Sweetie! I am slowing getting better :)



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