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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Decorating Dilemma

Have you ever gotten a new piece of furniture and then realized that your whole room needs a new "look"?? Well, that is the dilemma that I am in at the moment!

Our 10 year old couch had to be "retired" to storage. As much as I loved the way that it looked (and matched) my color scheme... it had to go. It still "looked" nice, but as soon as you sat on it, you SANK! There was no comfortable "spot" any more. **insert sad face** We tried restuffing the cushions, which helped for a little while, but didn't last long. Then, we tried a thin board under the cushions. Nope! That wasn't comfortable, either! So.... we started thinking that maybe it was time for a new one.

Here is a photo of my living room with the "old" couch. It's hard to tell, but it was is (We still have it) mostly navy blue with the colors of mauve/burgandy, tan/brown, & a little bit of light blue. When we bought it, it was VERY comfortable!! We wanted one of those couches that enveloped you as soon as you sat down, and this one did!

The recliner that you see in the forground is a burgandy leather one. The color was chosen to match the couch. At the time, this choice of color seemed like the right color. Now... not so much. But, there is nothing wrong with the recliner, so it's staying.

David has ALWAYS wanted a leather couch, but I have never wanted one. But... I have learned the hard way over the years, that "woven" fabric and long-haired "inside" doggies do NOT mix! So.... I gave in and decided that a leather couch would be the best choice for our family. So... a few weeks ago, we began our search for our new couch.

We first looked at a couple of small home-town furniture stores that are going out of business, but didn't see anything that we liked or could have afforded, even at their "discount" --- LOL.

After giving it some thought, David came up with the idea that a "sleeper sofa" might be a good choice for us since we only have 3 bedrooms. I had never thought of this idea! So, we then started shopping the big name furniture stores and quickly realized that our choices were limited when it came to sleeper sofa's.

As far as color goes, I knew that I did NOT want burgandy! I knew that it would match the recliner, but I also knew that I would be tied into that color for a very long time if I chose a couch to match. So, during our search for the right couch/sofa (Same thing!), we decided that the traditional "brown" would be the right color for us. Not too light and not too dark. And... it will be a color that will never go "out of style".

We made our choice and this is our NEW COUCH, in our living room....

I didn't realize it when we were looking at it in the store, but it is a bit "shorter" than our old one and it is not as "deep". Hmmmm.... oh well. It is leather and it's a sleeper, so it IS what I was looking for. I like it!

Now... for my dilemma. But, let's look at a few other photo's first.

Look at the color of my walls. I know that you can't tell, but they need to be painted... badly! I would like to "warm up" the room by painting the walls a darker color. Maybe a shade of brown. I am afraid of going "too" dark, tho.

Also... look at the burgandy recliner and the navy blue chair, to the left. I am not liking the way that they look. I don't like that I now have three pieces of furniture in 3 different colors! It's really bugging me!

I have been looking all over town for some throw pillows that have these colors (or at least TWO of them), but can not find any that I like. And... there are NO navy blue pillows to be found ANYWHERE! Red, green, brown & turqoise seem to be the "in" colors right now.

In this picture, you can see my red curtains. I bought the red curtains and pillows a couple of years ago because I really wanted "red" in my color scheme. Now, I love the red... but, I dont like it with everything else!

I am sooooo confused!! I really do not know what I am doing when it comes to decorating! I want the room to be "warm" and "inviting". Right now, it isn't.

If any of you have any ideas that might help me... please toss them out!! I am open to suggestions!!

Two things that I have thought about are... finding fabric and "making" my own throw pillows. I would have more fabric choices, that way. And also putting a slipcover over the navy blue chair. I'm thinking of a light brown color. 

Here's a picture of the paint color that I am considering. It is called "Fawn Maple". Just to the right of it, you can see a small portion of my kitchen wall. I LOVE the color of it! The side of my kitchen cabinet is next to it.

THIS is what is on my mind right now! I want to "love" this room. ----- HELP!!


  1. I love your new sofa! It looks great in that room. We have leather sofas at our place too and boy, am I glad we do. When my son was little he accidentally put a pen mark on it and it came right off! They are so easy to clean and maintain. You will not regret your decision!

    Best wishes,

  2. Natasha - Thank you for comments! :)

  3. As I started to read your post, later on towards the end I think you where making the awnsers that I would have givin to you real. I would go with that tope color you picked. I would probably go a light brown but a shade darker than your paint color slip cover for the chair (because your dogs hair would probably show up on anything darker). Deffently research your fabric options because you maybe surprised how many fabrics are out there with your color options. Check out Etsy for fabric, they have A LOT! I would probably go for some new drapes though, I love red too, but I think some chocolate or ivory would look great. Just a thought.... I love decorating!!!

  4. Definitely a slip cover, perhaps in a print to bring more pattern into the room. Make pillows out of some of the slip cover fabric to put on the couch and recliner as well as pillows from co-ordinating fabrics to intersperse with the print ones throughout the room and for the print chair. Do not choose a paint color until you have chosen a fabric for the chair then co ordinate the paint with the chair colors. I would also consider making new curtains from either the slip cover fabric or from a companion fabric. Go to a fabric store and check out their decorator prints. there are so many that go together or are made to mix and match. I would also consider a large area rug for in front of the couch. I am meaning around 9X12. Depending on the quality, you can get them beginning in the high 100's and up. I think we paid about 300 for ours. I think I have pictures posted of my room makeover you are welcome to look at. If they are not on my blog, they are on FB. You would probably have to friend me though if that is where they are:) So, how do you like me spending your money?

  5. Heather ~ Ya. I was thinking the same color for the slipcover for the same reason! Luckily, this navy blue fabric that the chair is in now, vacuum's easily! LOL ~ Yes, I think I am going to go to the fabric store this weekend and look. I have looked online, but didn't think about the Etsy store. Good idea! ~ I like you idea about the curtains! Thank you!!

    Gramma ~ Hahaa... you ARE spending my money, aren't you?? :0) I like your ideas. I've never made a slipcover before and I'm not sure if I can. I'll have to look at some patterns. I like the idea, tho! That would give me more color/pattern options. I like the idea of making pillows to match the slipcover, too. And, yes... waiting on the paint is a good idea. I think I read that somewhere! Thank you!! ~ I'll have a look at your blog and also "friend" you on FB! :)

  6. Well, you've received such excellent advice already there Becky!! I absolutely love that new brown leather sofa of yours. You certainly made the right choice there. You've got a lot to think about with that room! By the way, I love the new look of your blog. Really nice.

  7. This ~ Thank you!! Hope you are feeling better!

  8. Love the leather couch, looks awesome. I think I would go for a darker shade of brown for the wall cover. What about buying a large rug that has reds, browns and blues so you can tie all the colors in?

  9. Sandy ~ Thank for your advice. I have been looking at fabric to make pillows. I think I may pick the wall color after I pick the fabric. I found one that I like that has reds, golds, and greens. I will most likely slipcover the blue chair. I think the room will look great! :)



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