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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Award! How fun!

** I must say, first, that this award was given to me last week and I am just NOW getting around to posting about it! To tell you the truth, I forgot about it and then... I started working on this post and then forgot completely that I had started it!! Oops!

My sweet, sweet friend Thisisme over at Southhamsdarling has blessed me with another award!! I had no idea there were so many awards even out there, and yet here I go receiving ANOTHER ONE! Thank you so very much, Thisisme!

If you have not popped in over at her blog, please do so! You won't be disappointed! She lives in England and has so many wonderful stories to tell. She is a fascinating person and I am thrilled to have her as a Blogging Buddy!

Along with this award... comes... yes, you guessed it... RULES!! The first rule is to tell 7 things about yourself. The second is to pass the award along to other blogger friends. Both of these things are getting harder to do, especially the "passing of the award". There are so many wonderful blogs out there!!

Well, let's start with the first rule and worry about the second a bit later.

1) I attended the Art Institute of Atlanta for a short time. I enjoyed art very much and thought that I would like to become a comercial artist. After a year of being a student there, I became discouraged and dropped out. -- Yes. I am a college drop out. :(

2) I absolutely LOVE rollercoasters!!! I have often thought how fun it would be to be in one of those clubs where the people go all over the country and ride different ones!

3) I'm only afraid of heights when there is no barrier between me and the edge! If there is a barrier there... I can look down and I am not afraid at all.

4) I don't like to cross streams that have stepping stones to get across. My sense of balance goes right out the window and I fall right in just about every time!!

5) I don't like to be in places that don't have windows for very long. I have to be able to see out. I may be a wee bit claustrophobic. Although.... being in a movie theatre doesn't bother me. I guess it is because I am too busy watching the movie!

6) I do not like the sound of metal scratching on metal (or anything else!). To me... it's like fingernails scratching a chalkboard!! It makes me cringe!!! I don't like to replace light bulbs because of this reason.

7) There are two tastes that I reaaalllly don't like. They are bananas and tea. Most "southerner's" love iced tea... "sweet tea", that is. But, nope. Not me. And bananas, I have never liked them. I can't even eat a banana popcicle!! Blech!!

Now, to pass this award on to some deserving blogger friends. (The directions didn't specify how many to pass it along to, so I just picked a few of my favorite ones!) I know that not all of these sweet ladies accept blog awards, but I want to recognize them anyway!!

Heather at Mrs. C's Life
Linda at A La Carte
Melissa at Greener Grass

I love all of your blogs very much and enjoy visiting them often! Keep up the wonderful work that you do with them!


  1. Thanks Becky, I ran out of time with the last one. I still need to work on. Maybe (since the rules don’t state) I could combine them. Long story short, and to be perfectly honest with you because you listen to me best. I planned a surprise baby shower for my friend. She has been bugging everyone to throw her a shower and using the “no one will love my second baby” as an excuse to get one. Regardless of all this, she has helped my family and friends out, so I did feel one was in order. Next thing I know after planning a special place, cake excreta, rug got pulled out from under me. And now I’ve been made to feel bad about planning a special surprise for her. Which I totally disagree with. Secondly, couldn’t believe how it was said to me; then after she realized I wasn’t kidding tried to get a 2nd baby shower. Yesterday I spent a few hours before I had to get to work calling and canceling things. Explaining to people what happened, just hurt my feelings beyond belief. Well, I couldn’t post that on my blog because she reads it. So on the 17th I will post what was suppose to happen that day. Pictures of all the hard work I put into this whole ordeal. Box it up in a plastic container and store it in hopes as my husband says “Heather your 25 years old, I’m sure you or one of your friends will be pregnant one of these days. You might just get another shot at hosting a shower someday, and that person will appreciate you for everything you did. And look at it this way your 50% done!” I love him….

    AND you’re a great friend too, Becky!!! ((hugs))

  2. Heather ~ Don't worry about running out of time with your last award, I was late getting this one posted, as well! ooops! In fact... It's not "that" big of a deal to follow along with the rules. I just love your blog and the "blogging friendship". THAT is the most important thing! :)
    I hate that you are going thru this with your friend. Sounds like you have every right to be upset. I love that you are going to post about it on that day!! Haaahaa!! Can't wait to read it!! And your hubby is right. I think boxing up the stuff and putting away for another time is a GREAT idea!
    BIG ((HUGS)) right back at you!! :)

  3. Becky you deserve all the awards you get girl. I might try to think of some things I like and dislike for a post. I'm so far behind since I got that stomach flu! Thank goodness I am now better! hugs, Linda

  4. Thanks for the mention Becky! It was good to read these interesting things about you. I'm totally with you on number 6!! Couldn't believe that you don't like bananas though. LOL! You are so deserving of this Award dear friend.

  5. Linda ~ You are so sweet! Thank you! I'm glad that you are feeling better!

    This ~ It is fun! Thank you again for thinking of me!

  6. Hey Becky... I don't facebook sorry. I will send you and email though. Have a great night!

  7. Once again I thank you so much for the cute award. I am behind on my reading, but notice you have some new tablescapes and can't wait to look. I'm with you Becky for sure on the metal-on-metal, and I can't stand fingernails clicking on tables, marble or glass counters. I have long nails and do not click them anywhere! I love your valentine design. You do so good! Thankyou again-you certainly deserved this award-congratulations. I will post mine soon. Stay warm.



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