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Monday, February 14, 2011

L.O.V.E. for my Valentine

L is for....

the love that you have for me.
how in love I am with you!
how much you make me feel loved.
the little things that you do for me.
how loyal you are to me.
the way that you make me laugh.
how lucky I am to have you!
how you listen to me when I need to talk.
giving me a love that will last a lifetime.
giving me the life that I always dreamed of!

O is for....

how overjoyed I am to be married to you!
how you make me feel like I'm on cloud nine!
the outstanding way that you provide for our family.
you being the only one for me!
the oodles of fun we have together.

V is for....

Valintine. Thanks for being mine for the past 29 years!
how you value our marriage and our family.
how very much I am in love with you!
how much I love to hear your voice on the phone.
all the wonderful vacations that we have been on!
how you maintain our vehicles.

E is for....

how excited I am to see you when you get home!
for everthing that you do for me.
how excellent you are!
the encouragement that you give to me.
providing our girls with a wonderful education.
how you energize me!
how much I enjoy spending time with you!
the enormous love that I have for you!
being the best husband in the entire world!
being my equal.
the extraordinary person that you are!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I love you David!!!!!


  1. Beautiful, romantic post to your lovely David, Becky!! Well done. You've said it all there dear friend. I love the photos of the little pooches, and the one of David's not bad either! (LOL! Sorry David!). Hope you're having a wonderful day over there.

  2. This ~ Thank you! Hope you are having a wonderful day, as well! :)

  3. So sweet. Happy Valentines Day Becky!

  4. This is so cute and sweet Becky, and your husband is cute like you and does sound wonderful. 29 years is a long time, and you've done so good to grow with each other as husband and wife, and best friends. I love all your pup pics! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your husband!

  5. Susan ~ Thank you! I think he's pretty darn cute, myself! :) Hope you have had a wonderful day!

    Becca ~ Thank you! Hope you have had a wonderful day, as well!



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