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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Amazing Race

I love reality TV and one of the shows that I like very much is The Amazing Race. It is televised on Sunday evenings at 8:00pm on CBS.

This is the ONE reality show that I can see myself actually doing.... or at least I "think" I could do it! Knowing my luck tho, I'd probably be the contestant that viewers would call "The old lady" and would be thinking... "She'll never make it!"

I love that the players get to travel all over the world and get to experience SO much! Of course, they aren't leisurly traveling around the world, they are RUNNING around the world! -- BIG difference!

Check out all of the places that the players went to on this particular season of the show!
You never see the players stopping to take any photos --- which is what I would want to do! That would frustrate me because I would be in such AWE of the things and places that I was seeing! Can you imagine going to places all over the world and not being able to take any photos!!! Surely, they snap a few photos along the way. They'd have to!

The players do some crazy stunts, too! Most of the ones that I have seen them do... I could do, too! The only things that I don't think I could do are bungee jumping and eating something gross, like bugs! Other than those things, I think I could handle the rest!

My partner would be Miranda. She is strong and very smart! She would also push me and encourage me to keep going when I felt like I couldn't go any further. I am sure that we would have our share of arguments along the way, but I also think our relationship would be stronger in the end.

No. I have no plans of actually trying to be on this show, but as I watch.... I picture myself as one of the players and think of how "I" would handle the challenges that they face. I also watch and think about what great photos I could take at each place they visit!   **Smile**


  1. i've never watched this show but it looks good

  2. I also love reality TV and Amazing Race is one of my favorites. My daughter and Son in law gave a lot of thought about trying out for the show but never did. Me....never! LOL.

  3. Hi Becca ~ It's a fun show to watch. I love seeing all of the different countries & cultures.

    Hi Linda ~ I'll never really be on it, either. But, I like to "think" that I could! :)



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