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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Blog Award!

My good blogging friend ThisIsMe over at Southhamsdarling has presented me with this wonderful (I think! --- You'll understand in a moment!) blog award!!

She is SUCH a sweetie and I am enjoying her blog and her friendship so very much!

She lives in the United Kingdom. The photos that she sometimes shares of the area in which she lives are absolutely beautiful!!!!

While recently tracking my family's heritage, I discovered that my father's paternal side of the family is from the same area that ThisIsMe lives!! So.... I am very anxious to visit over there someday!

Be sure to check out her blog. You won't be disappointed!!

Ok... So, now I need to share what the instructions for receiving this award are...

I have to post a photo of myself at my computer while I am blogging!!! YIKES!! My first thought was that I will have to do that after I have had a shower, done my hair, gotten dressed, and have put my make-up on! --- I have to look presentable!

But... after giving it some thought.... I decided to just take a picture of myself right now, BEFORE my shower... BEFORE doing my hair...... BEFORE getting dressed.. (well, I am dressed. I just haven't gotten "dressed", if you know what I mean!).... and BEFORE I have put my make-up on!

So.... here you go ThisIsMe...

I was surprised that this picture turned out as well as it did! Hahaa!! --- Otherwise... I would have had to take that shower, done my hair, gotten "dressed", and put my make-up on!! **Smile**

Now... do I pass this blog award onto some other blogging friends????

Hmmmm..... any volunteers???


  1. Thanks for being such a good sport! The photo is brilliant. I will make a collage of them all

  2. You are welcome! Can't wait to see the collage! :)

  3. Hello Becky, I came over to see how you did. Love the photo! You have beautiful hair and such lovely large eyes!

  4. Quite a funny movement started by ThiIsMe :) and the picture is good!

  5. How fun and I would have to take a shower, do my hair and then pose!! You look cute!

  6. Hi Belle! ~ Thanks for visiting my blog! Thank you for the sweet compliments :) I don't know why my eyes look so big! I don't think they are really that big in real life! LOL

  7. Hi Claudia ~ Thanks for visiting my blog and for becoming a "follower"! How fun! :) I love ThisIsMe!! I'll have to pop in and check out photos that others have taken, including yours! :)

  8. Hi Linda! ~ I know what you mean! I decided just to "go for it" and see how it turned out! I was surprised to see that it turned out pretty good! :)

  9. None from me I'm afraid but one day I'll do the same, I kind of understood your statement with dressing up :)

  10. Claudia ~ Haha! That's ok! I TOTALLY understand! ;)

  11. Good photo. You should usse it for your profile.

  12. Arby ~ Thank you! I don't know if I'll use it as my profile photo, tho. ;)

    LindyLou ~ Thank you!



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