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Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh How I Wish.....

Gas prices weren't so high, I had money to spend, and..... I had more time to my day!

I am really feeling the urge to go "yard-sale-looking" and "thrift-shop-hunting"!! I am in the mood to wonder through other people's junk in order to find treasures for myself! It's suppose to be a beautiful day and I would love to get out and enjoy it!



But.... since I don't live "in town", and .... gas prices aren't the best, and ......I have plenty of chores to do at home, and ...... I promised myself that I would exercise today, and...... Jackson has a vet appointment this afternoon..... sigh..... I guess I will be staying home. -- Insert **Sad face**, here.

Hope all of you that ARE going to be doing this today, have fun!


  1. Oh dear Becky! It looks like so much fun...wish I was close to that yard sale, lots of stuff! Maybe take the bus, or no bus around there...uff!
    Thanks for passing by and leaving your always so sweet comments hon, always appreciate them so much.

  2. Hi Fabby! ~ Yes. It does look like lots of fun! No. No buses where I live, but that's ok. I'll get to go one day! :)

  3. Becky, I'm with you. It's fun to go to flea markets and yard sales. We haven't done that in a while. I just happen to have today off work and we have errands to run, but intend to make some fun out of it. It's 75 degrees right now-and I'm taking the camera with me. Your pictures are really cool.

  4. No yard sales or thrifting for me today either. I did go yesterday and spent my $10 so I'm probably done for the week. Lots of chores to do here! Have a great weekend anyway! hugs, Linda

  5. Boo Hoo! Sorry you couldn't get to one of those sales Becky. I can imagine how much you would have enjoyed mooching around them! The weather was quite warm here today, so I've spent the day cutting the lawn and potting up lots of pansies and spring flowers. Supposed to be turning colder again at the weekend :(

  6. mom and i call this fun shopping

  7. I wish you could wander through all our junk and take some off our hands. Imlive with a pack rat.

  8. I can't wait to start garage sales this summer!!! They are no where near the photos you posted of garage sales though. Here in Wyoming they are pretty pathatic!!!

  9. Heather ~~ Ours, here, are not that great either. Sometimes I'll run into a neighborhood sale, and those are great! I enjoy the thrift stores more!

    Sandy ~ I know what you mean! I need to do that at my OWN house! :)

    Becca ~ I like that name! :)

    This ~ The weather has been beautiful this week here, too. Cooler this weekend with rain, but we need it.

    Linda ~ Hope you have a great weekend, too! David and I have a big day planned today... if it doesn't rain!

    Susan ~ Hope you had a fun day, yesterday! Can't wait to see your pictures!

  10. By gas I guess you meant petrol, horrendous everywhere, but so is gas, by which I mean heating fuel. :) Maybe you will find something at home that you can renovate to satisfy your urge.
    Have a good weekend.

  11. So sorry you didn't get to go yard saling. I know how you feel. It's still too cold here for them and I can hardly wait for the warm weather which brings on the rush of sales. I get excited just thinking about it. I don't know which is worse, waiting for them or knowing they are going on and you can't go.

  12. Hi LindyLou ~ Yes. I am talking about gas (fuel) for our cars. It gets to be a higher price each day!

    Hi Cindy! ~ Welcome to my blog! Unfortunately, where I live... there aren't that many. When I lived in Atlanta, they were everywhere and it was a lot more fun! Here... you have to drive quite a bit to find any. Luckily, we are getting more and more Thrift Stores, so I am popping into those as often as I can.



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