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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Poor Garden

I couldn't decide whether to title this post ...

"My Poor Garden"
-- or --
 "I Don't Have a Dog. I have a GOAT!"

If you follow my blog, then you will remember that back at the beginning of the Summer, I planted a garden next to my pool. --- If you don't remember... check out this post.

Here is a photo collection of my garden and.... what's left of it!

It started with David tilling up the soil in order to have this wonderful border next to our pool that would be filled with beautiful plants!

Some plants were bought....
Stella D' Oro Daylily, Lavender, & Knock Out Rose Bush

They were planted, along with a few others.

Then..... the new puppy came along!

And a fence had to be put up to keep Chester out of the garden!
He was eating everything!!

My Stella D' Oro went from looking like this.....

.... to this!!!

My rose bush was the only thing that he DIDN'T EAT!!


He decided that the rose bush tasted pretty good, too!!

It's not so pretty, anymore!

Recently... my Stella D' Ora began to come back!! YAY!!

This is what I have had to do to protect it from the jaws of Chester!!

This is what my "poor garden" look like right now. Pretty sad.
You can still see a little bit of the Lavender still there, and what is left of my rose bush.
He even eats my mulch!!

So you can see why I am not sure if I have a DOG or a GOAT!!


  1. Oh no Becky!! Naughty Chester. That is pretty unusual, isn't it, a dog eating all the plants?!! It was looking so pretty too. What are you going to do?? Hey, how lucky are you to have a POOL - why aren't you out there doing 20 lengths every day, that's what I want to know!!

  2. Hi This ~ Yes. I think it is pretty unusual. I have heard of dog's digging in the garden... which he does this, too!!.... but, eating everything is new to me! ~ I'm not sure what to do!! Someone suggested that I put red pepper on my plants and that would keep him from eating them. ~ The pool is wonderful in the summer months... Late May thru early Sept, but beyond that, it's just a little too chilly for my bones!! ;)

  3. oh no your poor garden. bad chester hope you find a way to keep him out of the garden

  4. Thanks, Becca. I hope so, too!! ~ This morning I found him digging TWO new holes out in the yard!!!! I dont' know what to do with him! David is going to be so MAD when he gets home!

  5. Oh whoops puppies and gardens do not go together do they :(

  6. Hi LindyLou! ~ Nope! Not this puppy, at least!



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