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Friday, July 1, 2011

Philadelphia - Day One - Hint #1

Picture this... we arrive in Philadelphia by about 9:00am. The first thing that we will do, after we exit the plane, is to grab our ONE piece of "checked baggage" -- yes, the rest will be "carry-on's"!! (This trip is all about doing the MOST with the LEAST amount of money!)

Miranda has flown more than any of us and she has one ENORMOUS suitcase! We plan to pack our "extra" stuff (the stuff that won't fit into our carry-on's) into this suitcase and "check" it.

Miranda's suitcase is one that looks a lot like this one!! HUGE!! - Photo source

After that, we will proceed to the car rental area to pick up our rental car.

From the Philly airport, we will be driving into the heart of Philadelphia!

Here's your clue #1 for Day One of our trip ---- Philadelphia has many historical places and things to see. I have TWO things (or places) on my mind that are a MUST SEE if you visit Philadelphia.

Can you name which TWO that I am thinking of???

If no one guesses today, then I will give more clues tomorrow, with pictures!


  1. It is good to be back at last catching up with your blogging activities, sorry I missed out on joining in the guessing game. Have a wonderful trip, I look forward to following your travels.

  2. Hi LindyLou! ~ Thank you! I hit a "dry" spell with my blogging! :) But, I am back! YAY!

  3. I'm trying hard to keep my mouth shut. Ashley has filled me in on everything- I am SOOO jealous! You guys are going to have a BLAST! I told Ashley some of my earliest and fondest memories of Philly are the rowhouses and rowboats every time we went to pick up or drop off family at the Philly airport when they would visit! Can't wait to see pictures when you get back!

  4. The Liberty Bell
    Independence Hall
    Elfreth's Alley
    Declaration House

    Am I close? :)

  5. Claudia!! ~ You guessed the two that I was thinking of!! -- Liberty Bell & Independence Hall! :) YAY!!

    Mallory ~ LOL!! Thanks for keeping our secret!! ;) -- what "rowboats" are you talking about??

  6. i have no clue but i hope you have a wonderful time and safe travels

  7. Blow! This is the post that I missed, so that sneaky Claudia was able to sneak in with the correct answers!! LOL!



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