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Monday, July 4, 2011

Philadelphia - Hotel or not?

After touring historic Philadelphia and eating a yummy Philly Cheese Steak sandwich... we will need a place to stay.

Photo Source

Where do you think we will be resting our pretty little heads while we are staying in Philadelphia?

HINT: If you remember.... David grew up in Philadelphia!


  1. This is too hard, too many choices!

  2. Sorry, Claudia ;) I'll give you another hint.... we are NOT staying in a hotel :)

  3. YAY, Becca!!! You got it right!! ~ We will be staying at David's mother's house. Congrats!! :) I'll post more about it tomorrow!

  4. I;m late I'm afraid my friend, but I would have made the same guess as Becca! Hee Hee!! This is a fun way of gearing up for your holiday. Oops, sorry, vacation!!

  5. Oops! I'm sorry, This! :) Thanks! I am glad that you are enjoying my little game! I'm having fun with it!



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