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Friday, July 15, 2011

Beautiful Birds!!

This morning, I was gazing out my kitchen window and saw these beautiful birds on my birdfeeder!!!

They are the American Goldfinch. These photos are from Wikipedia. I have never been good at taking photos of birds on my bird feeder. They always get frightened and fly away before I can get a good picture!

These birds are special to me because I always looked foward to seeing them in the Spring when we lived in Atlanta. Every Spring, they would come and feed on the buds of the tree that was right outside the bay window in my living room! It wouldn't just be a couple of them, either. There would be a whole FLOCK of them! Their color was more dull than these pictured above.

I don't think I have ever seen Goldfinch's in the summertime. Their yellow body is MUCH more vibriant in the summer! They are beautiful!! I only saw a male & a female this morning, but I was thrilled!!


  1. I, too, love seeing wildlife. Birds, in particular, seem to fascinate me. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

  2. Very nice birds, and somehow I could picture you watching them!

  3. what beautiful birds i have a woodpecker that wakes me every morning

  4. Yes. The birds were so beautiful! I need to learn how to sneak up on them and take my OWN pictures!

  5. Gosh Becky, at first I thought what stunning photos you had captured!! I agree, they are beautiful with wonderful colours. What a treat for you my friend. Hope all is going well with the preparations for the vacation! I expect excitement is building in your household!

  6. Hi This! Yes, I am doing well. Just anxious!! Haha!



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