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Friday, July 8, 2011

Philadelphia - Day Two - More hints!

Ok... so, I am guessing that my little questions this last time were a little too hard, huh?

Many thanks to Becca over at Everyday Life  for guessing the first answer!

Yes, since it will be Sunday on our second day in Philadelphia, we will be going to church with David's mother. Since we were up there last (11 years ago!), she has joined a new church. We are looking forward to visiting it with her and meeting all of her friends.

My second hint & question was:

The rest of our day will be spent visiting with someone very special.

Can you guess who it might be??

Here's a new clue for you regarding this answer ---

This special lady will be turning 99 years old tomorrow!!
Now can you guess who she might be?

My third hint & question was:

There is also another food item that we MUST HAVE while we are in Philadelphia!

Can you guess what that food item might be??

I also gave you this hint:

To find this answer.... try looking up Cuisine of Philadelphia and you will most likely find the answer!

Here's a NEW hint:

This snack item is commonly associated with Philadelphia, but not invented there. It dates back to 7th-century France and was brought over to the Philadelphia area by the Pennsylvania Dutch. They became iconic with Philadelphia by the numerous vendors who would sell them on street corners.

Now can you guess what special snack we will be having while we are in Philadelphia??

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