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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Fun Day of Thrifting!

Georgia and I had a fun time yesterday. I am SO GLAD that we got together! I don't know why we don't see each other more often.

She arrived at my house about 9:30am. We hung around my house, catching up for a bit and talking about decorating and couponing. She didn't know anything about TABLESCAPING, so I had to tell her all about how I fell IN LOVE with it! She loved my 4th of July Tablescape. **Smile**

I am pretty sure that I taught her a good bit about COUPONING. She had seen those shows on TV called "Extreme Couponing" and wanted to know how to be able to do it like THAT. I told her that I haven't gotten to that point and don't plan to. My goal is just to at least cut my grocery bill in HALF each week. We agreed that to be able to save ANY amount of money on groceries each week would be helpful.

We left my house about 10:30 and headed into town. First, I had to stop at the drug store to renew my RLS medication. We were there longer than expected, but it gave us a little more time to chit-chat. I found out that she also has RLS, but not as bad as I do. (LUCKY!) Her brother & Father also have it.

After that, we headed to the south side of Columbus, which isn't a good part of town... but, I really wanted to go and visit Gina's Junk Thrift & Antique Store!!

Here's a photo that I took ---

I am SO glad that we went!! It was the neatest place!!

First, we checked out the "junk" in the yard. Gina had lots of outdoor furniture and "yard art". Lots of vintage pieces, too. There were several iron tables that I liked and a shelf that would be perfect for my screened-in porch!! I may have to go back for that one!

Next, we ventured inside to see what we could find. Georgia was looking for things for her granddaughter's "Madeline" birthday party that she plans to do for her in October. So, we were looking for things that looked like PARIS. She also wants to build her granddaughter a doll house for her birthday. So, she was looking for "minature" things that could go into the doll house. As for me, I was looking at the antique furniture and for things that I could use for my August tablescape.

We wondered thru each room of the old house. The prices were GREAT! I saw LOTS of pieces of furniture that I would LOVE to have!! I saw lots of vintage linens that I would love to have had, too. There were many things that I would have loved to have bought, but decided not to. (I was on a VERY tight budget!) Georgia only bought a set of salt & pepper shakers. They were very tiny and very cute!

Gina, the shop owner, was very nice and quite funny! Georgia's S&P shakers had two prices on them, but each was marked out with a red "slash". Georgia asked Gina how much they were. Gina said... "Anything with a red "X" thru the price, means that it is half-off." Then, she looked at the pricetag on Georgia's S&P shakers and said... "Well, that's a half-a** 'X', isn't it?" LOL!! (Because it was only a "slash") It was so funny!

We left Gina's glad that we had made the trip, and headed towards downtown Columbus. I was driving and we were on a road that I knew where it dead-ended, but I didn't know the area that we were traveling very well. As we were headed into town, we came to a train that was crossing the road. We stopped, along with the rest of the traffic. The train was almost done crossing... when.... it started BACKING UP!!!! So.... we didn't know what to do! Finally, I realized that people were starting to make their way to the road on the right. So... I did the same and thankfully, we were able to go "around" the train with no problem and get back on our same road! Whew!

We arrived in downtown Columbus. I decided to take Georgia to one of my favorite restaraunts there. It is called The Cannon Brew Pub. Yes, it is a "Pub". But, it is also a restaraunt. I love their Southwestern Wrap sandwich! YUM! The atmosphere is fun, too.

After lunch, we headed to my very favorite Thrift Mall - Joey's!! Georgia LOVED IT, as I knew she would! We went from booth to booth, checking everything out. We put things in our shopping cart to "think" about as we shopped.

Georgia's best find of the day was a Madeline Doll that was in perfect condition!!! It was only $5.95!!!! YAY!! It was PERFECT for her granddaughter's birthday party! She also bought a cute shirt for only a $1.00!

Here's a picture of Georgia with her Madeline Doll. She was SO happy!!  ---

My big find for the day was a board game all about Columbus, GA!! It is from 1980. It's not "real" old, but it is unique, and since I am from Columbus and I now live and work here.... it was special to me and I HAD TO HAVE IT! I put back a few other things that I had in the cart in order to buy this game. It was $10.00. I thought that was fairly reasonable. The only other thing that I bought was a large package of Post-it notes (unopened) for $2.00. I use Post-it notes all the time, so these will come in handy!

Here's a pic of me with my game and one of my Post-it notes --

Here's some pics of my game after I got home and opened it up ---

We headed back to my house around 4:00pm so that Georgia could be back home in time to pick up her daughter from work. Poor Georgia was on the phone throughout our day dealing with the car dealership that was trying to fix her daughter's car. I sure hope that they can figure out what the problem is without it costing them too much more money!

I talked to David throughout the day. (He's in Indianapolis, remember?) He was delayed in Atlanta due to the plane that he was supposed to fly out on, having mechanical trouble. (Glad they found it!!!) I can't remember what time he finally got to Indianapolis, but he DID make it there. He texted me later in the day and said that his company was taking them all on a tour of the Indianapolis Speedway!!! He was excited, but wished that he had brought a camera. He did take a few pics with his phone.

I didn't talk to him again until about 9:00pm. He had been to dinner with the group and was EXHAUSTED!!! So, we didn't talk long. As I write this... he is most likely in the middle of the competition that he is in!! I sure hope that he is doing well and isn't too nervous. I hope that he is able to have fun with it. Knowing him, tho.... he is an anxious MESS!!! LOL! (I probably would be, too!)

Today, I am staying at home. .... Well, I do have a meeting at church tonight for Stephen Ministry.... But, other than that, I will be at home. I need to go see my mom since I haven't been over there this week, but I am also trying to limit my driving so that I only put gas in my car once a week. UGH!! I can't wait to start getting a paycheck again!!! I miss having money!!

Here's a few more pics of things that we saw at Joey's ---

You just might see this as part of my August Tablescape!
This was a new booth that I hadn't seen before!! I LOVED all of the blue & white!! I am a huge fan of it!

These vintage glasses were BEAUTIFUL!! But, they were a little pricey and there were only five. They would go so great with my Winter Tablescape for January, tho!
Button Bouquets!!! I had never seen these before!! LOVE THEM!! I can see all kinds of projects with these!
We loved this vintage Pin Cushion Doll!! Very pretty!!
I'm linking up to the Thrifty Things Friday Party over on The Thrifty Grove. Be sure to visit me over there and all of the other "thrifty" blogging friends!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I love lunching and junking with friends!

  2. It's so much fun to be able to spend time with a friend. I can't wait until my friend Ceekay comes back to visit me again. I'm glad you had such a great time. I loved the game you purchased!

  3. Yes!! It is SO much fun to go with a friend! Although, I enjoy it just as much by myself! ;)

  4. Sounds as if you had a lovely day out with Georgia. Days like that are really precious, aren't they. Those thrift places look fabulous. I would have loved to have had a good mooch around! That Columbus game looks really good - is it a little bit like Monopoly? Probably not!! Hope you have a good weekend and that David gets home safely and did well in the competition!

  5. Hi This! ~ You make me laugh! I love your word "mooch"! :) I haven't read the directions for the game yet, but I am guessing that it IS like Monopoly, but not sure yet. I'm waiting for someone to want to play with me! LOL! I might have to play by myself!! ~ Thank you for thinking of David. I am anxiously waiting to hear from him!!!

  6. It looks like you two had a blast! that first store looked like it would have been so much fun looking through! Your game looks cool and what a great find! Thank you for joining TTF and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  7. Nothing beats thrifting with a friend! So glad y'all had a great day together and found some fun things.

  8. Thank you, Diann & Tammy! :)

  9. I am your newest follower. So glad to meet you. I love thrifting and being with friends. Take care, Melody
    PS I have a blog but I am still working on it.

  10. Hi Melody! ~ It's nice to "meet" you! :) Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follwer! I'll have to stop over and check out you blog! It's fun and a great way to meet new friends. Welcome! ;)

  11. sounds like you had a great time and i love yard sales and thift shops

  12. Love your new design and new pics! Well done!

  13. What a wonderful day you and your friend shared. And then you shared it with all of us, too. Isn't it amazing how we can find the very specific things we want if we have the time to look? (I think I would have bought those beautiful glasses, but only two. That's how I set up my tablescapes - not that I've blogged about any of them yet.

  14. Hi Grammy ~ Thanks for stopping by my site. If hadn't been on such a tight budget... I probably would have bought 4 of the glasses. I haven't had a paycheck all summmer, tho! ~ You should blog about your tablescapes!! It's so much fun!



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