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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Love Freebies!!

Earlier this week, a friend told me about a $10 OFF coupon that the store Pier One was giving away through Facebook.

I immediately clicked on the link and printed out my coupon!!! YAY!! All you had to do was make a $10 purchase and you got $10 off!! It was as simple as that!

So, before the coupon expired.... I stopped by the store to see what I could find to purchase.

Pier One has SOOOO many pretty things!!

I was really hoping to find something to use for my tablescaping.

I looked and looked. And looked some more!! Everything that I liked would have ended up costing me MORE than my $10! --- I think that was their plan!!

I really liked these ----

My pictures didn't turn out so good, since I took them with my phone.... but the light aqua color was SO PRETTY on these dishes! The first picture shows some chargers that were a very light aqua color!! These caught my eye first. Then, I turned the corner and saw this table setting!! LOVED IT!!! But, none of it was in my little $10 budget, unfortunately. WELL.... I "could" have just bought ONE of something! But, how much fun would that have been??

After going around and around the store, many times.... I kept going back to these beautiful acrylic goblet glasses. They are my favorite color and will be fun to use out by my pool!

They were on clearance for $4.98 each. (Regularly $6.50)

Of course.... they didn't quite total up to $10.... so.... I had to purchase something else!!

I ended up with a pair of earrings that I kept going back to. They were $6.50!! Haha! Oh well! At least I got the glasses for free!! **Smile**

(I forgot to take a picture of the earrings. Sorry about that!)


  1. I used my Pier 1 coupon yesterday also. I will show my items tomorrow. I do like those acrylic glasses!

  2. You are the third blog that I've read about this coupon after the fact! Oh well, enjoying seeing what people got!

  3. Hi Linda! I can't wait to see what you got!! :)

    Hello Wiley ~ I'm sorry that you missed out. Maybe they'll have success with this one and do it again soon :)

  4. Hi Becky. I guess that's the general idea when these companies give away those coupons. They hope that you will go in and spend megabucks!! Those glasses will certainly be great for your pool. I love the colour!



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