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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Three of Our Trip

On day three of our trip... we will be leaving Philadelphia and heading south, in our rental car.

We will drive about 3 hours to our nation's capital...


The last time that we were there... it was 11 years ago, in 2000. My girls don't remember much of it. Ashley was 13 and Miranda was 9!

Here are a few pics from the last time that we were there --

Miranda & Ashley in front of the White House - 2000

Miranda with her cousins... Shannon & Tori.
Tori, apparently, did not want to be in the picture!

One of my favorite pictures!!

Ashley, with Tori & Shannon in front of Abe Lincoln.
Miranda wouldn't get in the picture this time!! LOL!

The girls taking a rest inside one of the Smithsonian Museums.

We will only be in D.C. for the day. I'm not sure how much we will get to see in just one day, but like last time...we plan to cram as much as we can into it!


  1. i remeber D.C. it was a great trip and i love the picture of the three kids skipping away so cute

    Everyday Life

  2. Isn't planning a trip so much fun?! I remember taking our kids to D.C. when they were 8 and 11. It was so much fun - and educational to boot!

  3. Yes, it is!! I am SO excited! :)



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