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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Philadelphia - Day Two - Revealed!

Ok. I get it. My little guessing game isn't as exciting as I thought it would be! Sorry about that. So, I'll just TELL YOU... little by little... where we will be going, what we will be doing, and who we will see as we venture up north for our relaxing whirlwind vacation! (I do hope that at least part of it is relaxing!)

Yes. On day TWO of our stay in Philadelphia... we will be attending church with David's mother. This will be our first time seeing her new church and meeting her new friends that she has met there.

We will also be finally meeting her boyfriend for the first time, too!! Yes. She has a boyfriend! Well... she calls him her "Gentleman Friend". **Smile** She met him at her new church over a year ago and ever since, she has been like a young school girl...unable to have a conversation without mentioning him! It's so cute! 
photo source
 After church... and probably after lunch... we will be going to visit David's grandmother (his father's mother). TODAY is her birthday!! She is 99 years old!!! She is a sweetheart! David had wanted to wait and go for her 100th birthday, but I told him that we better not wait! He would also kick himself if we waited and then..... well, you know.

Happy Birthday, Granny!!!  Photo Source

We are going to call her today to wish her a Happy Birthday. We are going to tell her that we are coming for a visit, but she may not remember. Fortunately, she has a live-in sitter that is there with her 24/7, so we will be sure and let the sitter know. Plus, David's mom will be able to let her know, as well.

It will be wonderful to see her! She is an amazing woman! Her favorite color is PURPLE. Everytime I see the color purple, I think of her. 

Sometime, while we are in Philly.... we plan to get a SOFT PRETZEL while we are there! Venders sell these on almost every street corner. They are SO yummy!!

Photo Source

When David's mom comes to our house for Christmas every year... she always makes a stop before she goes to the airport, to pick us up some of these yummy treats!! They're STILL delicious even after they've traveled almost thousand miles!


  1. I am sure you will have a great time!

  2. It all sounds wonderful Becky. It's lovely to see how excited you are by this whole vacation!

  3. i love when older people refer to their boyfriend/girlfriend as their gentlemn/lady friend so cute and wish grandma a happy birthday for me..have fun

  4. Yes, I am excited, This!! It should be a lot of fun!

    Hi Becca ~ Yes. Older couples that are "dating" are so cute! ~ Thank you! ~ We talked to Granny yesterday. She sounded good. I asked her how she was feeling and she said that she had no complaints. I wish I could say that! :)



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