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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Philadelphia - Day One - Visit to the City

Congratulations to Claudia of The Story for guessing the two places (or things) that we plan to visit while we are in Philadelphia!

She guessed The Liberty Bell & Independence Hall!

Here are a few pictures and a little bit of history and info to go along with them --

This following picture was taken in April of 2000. We drove to Philadelphia from Georgia (Long trip!) and spent one day touring the historical area of the city. This is Ashley standing by The Liberty Bell. There is a funny story to go along with this picture!

When we first planned this trip to Philly, all Miranda talked about how she wanted to see The Liberty Bell! She couldn't wait to "touch it" and had asked lots and lots of questions about it. 

When we arrived in downtown Philly, we planned our walking tour with our map. We decided to leave the best places for last -- The Liberty Bell & Independence Hall. Miranda asked all day long... "When are we going to get to The Liberty Bell?", and we kept saying... "We'll get there. We'll get there." Then, when we finally GOT THERE, she wouldn't go near it!!! We still tease her about it! **Smile**

I did get her to pose with Ashley and I outside the building where The Liberty Bell is! You can tell by the picture that she was NOT happy about it!

You can see Independence hall behind us.

Here is a better photo of it.

Photo Source
 Here is a little bit of history regarding The Liberty Bell -

The Liberty Bell first rang on July 8, 1776 after the first public reading of The Declaration of Independence. The bell arrived in Philadelphia in August of 1752 from London. During The American Revolution, in 1777, it was taken down and moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania for safe keeping. It was replaced in 1778. Thereafter, the bell was rung on every July 4th and on every state occasion until 1835 when it was cracked while being tolled for the death of Chief Justice, John Marshall. In 1976, it was moved to it's present location, near Independence Hall. It weighs 2080 pounds and it is 12 feet in circumference at the lip.

Check back tomorrow for NEW hints & a question regarding our upcoming "return" trip to Philadelphia!


  1. Interesting post there today Becky., I have obviously missed a post, because that pesky Claudia has beaten me to it this time. I know that your vacation will be so exciting, and it will be lovely for all of us to share in the journey with you, so take lots of photos for us please! Hugs.

  2. Wow, I'm good :) And I like your posting ideas!

  3. This ~ You are so funny! :) Yes, I am looking foward to sharing my journey and photos! There will be a lot of them!

    Claudia ~ Yes, you are! :) Thank you!

  4. what a lovely trip and i couldn't venture a guess because well history wasn't my strong subject in school. loved all the pictures and the post in general can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back and all the wonderful things i'll learn

    Everyday Life

  5. Hi Becca ~ That's ok. I am pretty good with History (for the most part!). Math is my weakest subject! We all have a weak spot! ;)



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