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Monday, July 25, 2011

Counting Down the Days!!

We are getting closer to our VACATION!!!

WAHOOOOO!!! I am so excited and soooo anxious to get away!! I need to escape from all of the things (and people) that are bringing me down. This Summer has been a rough one for many reasons. I wish that I could go into it all, but I really shouldn't. The less I say, the better --- apparently!

Anyway..... I haven't shared our finaly destination with you, yet!!

First... let's review all of the places that we will be going! (Photos are from various sites that had pics of vintage post cards)

We will fly to Philadelphia, PA and stay there for a couple of days.

While we are there, we plan to visit Atlantic City!

Then, we will drive to Washington DC!!

Then, we will spend a couple of days in Virginia, at David's brother's house.

NOW... you are all caught up!

Our NEXT DESTINATION will be -------


I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!!!!

I know that there are SO MANY things to do and to see in NYC. I know that we can't possibly do & see them all.... but.... here are some pics of places and things that we would LIKE to do & see while we are there, if time allows!

First of all..... we plan to stay in (or at least near) Times Squre!!

Photo source
It would be great if we could get a room at The Hilton Hotel in Times Square!!

Photo Source

We want to visit Central Park --

Photo Source

We would like to go to the top of the Empire State Building and get a view of the city ---

Photo Source

We hope to ride on the Staten Island Ferry and ride by the Statue of Liberty ---

Photo Source

Photo Source
Oh my!!! There are sooo many MORE things that we want to do and see!! I could be here all day downloading pictures!! I think I'll wait and post MY pictures, when we get back!!


  1. I can hardly wait to read all your stories and see all the lovely pictures! It will so much fun I am sure!

  2. I am so pleased that you are so excited about your vacation Becky, but sorry to hear that certain things are obviously not good at the moment. Hope things will improve for you soon. I am very envious of the New York part of the trip in particular,. I have always wanted to go there and everyone I know who has been, says it is just awesome!!!! Take care. Sending you hugs my friend.

  3. Ya'll are going to have a BLAST! I can't wait to hear all about it, and see tons of pictures!!

  4. Thank you, Claudia & Mallory! ~ Yes!! There will be tons of photos and stories to tell, I'm sure!! ;)

    Thank you, This! ~ I appreciate the ((HUGS)). I have needed some friendsly hugs lately! -- Maybe if you hurry and fly over here... you can hide in my suitcase and go with us to NYC!! :)

  5. i'm so excited for you can't wait to hear all about it and wow NYC how lucky..hugs

  6. Thanks, Becca! Sending ((HUGS)) right back to you!



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