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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Philadelphia - Day Two - How will we spend the day?

The second day that we are in Philadelphia, it will be a Sunday.

Photo Source

We will spend the day with David's mom.
So... where do you think we will go FIRST??
 (well.... after breakfast, of course!)

The rest of our day will be spent visiting with someone very special.

Can you guess who it might be??

There is also another food item that we MUST HAVE while we are in Philadelphia!

Can you guess what that food item might be??

Hint: To find this answer.... try looking up Cuisine of Philadelphia and you will most likely find the answer!



  1. All I can say is enjoy your time! I'm sure all will be fine

  2. i would say being sunday you will be at church but as to who else you will visit not sure and will go look for the food answer.

    Everyday Life

  3. YAY, Becca!! You guessed the first one!! - Church!! ~ the person that we will visit is a very special relative and the food is something that is associated with Philadelphia. (not Philly cheese steak, this time!) :)



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